shuboobs' art~ [open]


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Apr 29, 2020
just tryna draw during my holiday~! ONLY DOING 1/2 PER WEEK DUE TO SCH PROJECT

How to order: contact me via discord @ shuling#1893 with a picture of your character. I will get back to you when Ive started on your piece!

Rates (I accept dp ONLY)
No colour - 700dp
Coloured + background - 1.4k
Pose - additional costs to be discussed
Couple - to be discussed (depends on how elaborate the pose is) (estimated 2.8k - 3k)

Waiting time: 3 days after payment

PS: Im not the best at drawing males! They may end up looking cute/girly. (refer to pics below)
PPS: My drawing style may change depending on your character, I'll choose whatever I feel fits best

Coloured + Background


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