Show who is on boss/chuchu/whatever cooldown


Aug 31, 2018
Who hasn't had this happen?
You're a nice guy, you ask your alliance or even via smega if anybody needs help with X boss or HCC.
You get a bunch of people that join and you try to go in...only for the infamous chat window to pop up.

Then it begins.
The kicking and re-inviting of people to figure out who is the badboi that won't admit or simply forgot he/she did it.

So here's my suggestion.
Iirc we already have the function for (C)RA where it gives you the name(s) of players that don't have a key to enter the bossrooms.
My suggestion is to extend this function to boss entries.
I.e. when you have a party with other players and you try to enter a bossroom (or ChuChu) while someone is on cooldown it gives you the name(s) of the player(s) that are on cooldown.

This would be a huge help for people that regularly invite random players to help them.