Shloop’s LVL 216+ Leech, LVL 231+ Leech with or without Kanna/HS/


Jul 19, 2018
Elite Chicken lvl216+
only one option here
1. lvl216 to lvl230 will be 1.2k DP. Kanna and HS will be used. (lvl220-230 will be 1k dp)

Elite coral is lvl231+
1. Flat rate is 600m/hour without kanna/hs/mvp. Prices will be lowered by 100m with each additional person in party.
Kanna, HS, MVP, 2xExp, and 2x FL will not be provided. Exp is still good, so if you wanna AFK or don't have much to do.
2. Flat rate with kanna/hs provided is 2.6b/hour.
3. Flat rate with only hs is 1.2b/hour.
*crazy exp and cheapest in the whole market*

it is up to you to have evan link, zero legion, merc link, and aran link.

Message me in game or on Discord for more information.

ign: Shloop, discord: Vader#1328
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