Ship's Leech Services! 213+


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May 10, 2020
Hello Aries Community! Ship here providing you with the best, quality leech service as I possibly can through my blood, sweat, and tears! Continue to read more if you are interested in this fast, affordable, and friendly leech! I will happily provide kishin+hs+pb for leeches that are 220+. Before we begin, here are some rules and requirements:

-Do NOT fully go AFK. There are times where I cannot see the flying mobs that can kill you and/or our beloved HS/PB/etc service.
-Be understanding and have empathy that leeching may take some time, especially at higher levels!

- Evan Link 3
-Mercedes Link 3
-Zero Legion (OPTIONAL)
-2x EXP Coupon (Cash)
-2x (USE via VPs) or Fast Learners
-10 Hyper Stat on Bonus EXP
-Buff Freezer
-TP Rocks

Finally, services:

-213-220: 1.925b/350 dp; 275m/50dp per level
-220-230: 5.5b/1k dp; 550m/100dp per level
-230-235: 8b/1.5k dp; 1.6b/300dp per level
-235-240 11b/2k dp; 2b/400dp per level
-240+ Variable Rates:
4.5b or 900dp/hr You bring HS+PB+MVP
6.5b or 1.3k/hr I provide EVERYTHING

Contact me in-game: ShippenLs

Thank you for reading and Happy Mapling! If you have any questions feel free to PM me :).
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