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Seasons are the new direction where each season will dictate the type of events and/or content to occur throughout the year. Each season will include ONE Featured Event and various other Seasonal Content. To understand the type of Seasons distributed throughout the year, you may refer to the thread regarding the Seasons of Change. All dates and times mentioned are in GMT+8, for conversion to other time zones, please use the World Time Buddy application.


Season Duration
December 14, 2020 -- March x^, 2021

Season Overview
  • December -- February
    • Seasonal Event Chairs (Jolly)
    • Winter Surprise Style Box
  • December
    • Dec 1, 2020 -- Dec 7, 2020
      • 2x Vote Points
    • Dec 14, 2020 -- Jan 11, 2021
      • Surprise Style Box (December)
    • Dec 23, 2020 -- Jan 11, 2021
      • Ariesmas Event 2020
  • January
    • Jan 1, 2021 -- Jan 7, 2021
      • 2x Vote Points
    • Jan x^, 2021 -- Feb x^, 2021
      • Surprise Style Box (January)
  • February
    • Feb 1, 2021 -- Feb 7, 2021
      • 2x Vote Points
    • Feb x^, 2021 -- Mar x^, 2021
      • Surprise Style Box (February)
^ - Denoting the day of the month which has yet to be decided.

Please refer to the information below for more details on the respective event/content.


Featured Event
(NOTE: Event has ended)

DEC 23, 2020 – JAN 11, 2021


This Christmas, we will be using Pixel Coins for the event and players will have the option of completing either World Activities or Daily Quests to earn them. The Event Shop will also be removed after the event and players are to finalize and make their purchases before Jan 11, 2021. These changes were made in view of the feedback received for the Halloween Event towards event participation and player engagement as well as the issues involved in last-minute purchases.

To participate in the event, players must first speak to Mrs. Claus in Henesys for a short dialogue and the activation of the ability to possess Pixel Coins. Please note that players can only activate the Coin UI (User Interface) on ONE character from the account, and the main character of the account should be used. Other characters from the account will not be able to view the Coin UI and completing any activities on those characters mentioned below will not grant you Pixel Coins. Do ensure that you begin the event with your main character to avoid any complications for the event. After which, players can access Coke Town via the Dimensional Mirror and begin partaking in activities.

All dates and times mentioned for the event are in GMT +8, please use the
World Time Buddy application for conversion to other timezones.



Pixel Coins will be awarded for completing Daily Quests in Coke Town and/or from existing activities spanning various locations. During each Daily Reset, players will be able to earn up to 600 Pixel Coins and acquisition rates for these coins will, as usual, be up to players to discover. Characters that have acquired access to more endgame content will be able to access activities that grant coins at a higher rate. Pixel Coins granted via bonus activities and/or from the item exchange of 'Christmas Decoration' will not be limited by the Daily Reset limit.

Existing activities that grant Pixel Coins will be classified under two categories, General and Bonus activities.


  • Commerci Voyage
  • Daily Party Quest
    • Romeo, Juliet, Ludibrium, Orbis, Ellin & Escape
  • Arcane River Daily Quest (excluding Muto Party Quest, Dream Defender & Spirit Savior):
    • Vanishing Journey Research
    • Chu Chu's Finest Cuisine
    • A Night's Peace in Lachelein
    • Peace in Arcana
    • Save the Morass
    • Esfera Research Orders
  • Paragon Dungeon
    • Solo & Party Entry
  • Paragon Monster Carnival
    • Public & Private Entry
  • Auto Event
  • Hekaton
    • Rank 1 ~ 30
  • GM Events
Unique Event Item
The unique event item, 'Christmas Decoration' exists as a direct drop from the following endgame bosses at a 100% rate. Regular endgame bosses will grant a singular item drop and Elite Chaos bosses will grant double. 'Christmas Decoration' acquired from Elite Chaos bosses are party-shared upon looting.

Regular Bosses

  • Chaos Papulatus
  • Hard Magnus
  • Chaos Queen
  • Chaos Pierre
  • Chaos Von Bon
  • Chaos Vellum
  • Normal Lotus
  • Hard Lotus
  • Normal Damien
  • Hard Damien
  • Normal Lucid
  • Hard Lucid
  • Normal Will
  • Hard Will
Elite Chaos Bosses
  • Elite Chaos Zakum
  • Elite Chaos Papulatus
(NOTE: Elite Chaos bosses can only be accessed via the Paragon map with characters who have achieved Paragon)

Event World Boss
A world boss will spawn in a random town at random times of the day. Upon spawning, a game notice will be shown in chat indicating its location. In order to earn rewards, players must inflict a certain amount of damage onto the boss and unite to defeat it entirely. If defeated, players will receive a Holiday Gift Box item in their Gift Drop UI, where opening the Holiday Gift Box will grant a variety of rewards. Any player that did not inflict damage onto the boss will not receive any rewards.

Event Elite Monster
When out hunting or training, keep a lookout for elite monsters! If you're lucky, you might get to see a special elite monster for this event. Eliminating this elite monster will grant you Pixel Coins. (NOTE: Coins acquired from elite monsters are affected by the Daily Limit)

Now it is up to you, the players, to plan your schedule accordingly for maximum efficiency.



Access a multitude of rewards via the Event Shop, Daily Gift NPC, World Event Boss, and limited-time listings in the Cash Shop.

Character Slot Coupon
For purchases towards Character Slot Coupons in the Event Shop, please note that each account will only be able to use up to a maximum of 3 slots per event occurrence. All slots purchased are untradeable including the usage of trade commands and will last for 3 days from the time of purchase. Character Slot Coupons from Seasonal Events can only reach up to a limit of 40 slots. We advise expanding character slots for the account via the Cash Shop, Monster Collection, and Zero Dungeon before using Character Slot Coupons from the event. It is best to also keep track of the number of slots you have already used for this event.

Event Caches
As with every event, there will be 3 event caches from the Event Shop, each with a different set of loot pools and rewards to earn. The following details the type of rewards players can expect when opening each cache and decide on how best to spend their coins.

Snowdrop Giant Box

  • NX Equipment
  • Chairs
  • Damage Skins
Snowdrop Spirit Box
  • Permanent Pets (Untradeable)
Snowflake Gift Box
  • Temporary Mounts
  • Permanent Mounts
Limited-Time Listings
In the Cash Shop, there will be limited-time purchases that players can take the opportunity to acquire. These items include the Rudolph Messenger avatar megaphone and a selection of temporary pets that have made their return from past Christmas Events. The Rudolph Messenger is not permanent and will expire 30 days upon purchase.

Reward Preview
The following provides a preview of selected items from all three Event Caches and is not a representation of the entire list of rewards.

NX Equipment

Damage Skin


For clarifications that were not stated in this thread, you may seek assistance from a Staff. However, please DO NOT approach or pester a Staff regarding the intentional obstacles of the event or how to go about completing certain tasks required for the event, you are required to identify the necessary information and tools on your own or via your peers. We encourage the solidarity of the community in assisting one another throughout the event. We advise identifying if there are in-game commands that can assist you in progressing the event and utilizing the World Map as well as informative websites such as

We will not be responsible for any wrong purchases made, loss of items, or issues encountered during the event due to the negligence of not reading any information and/or warnings given on the event thread. For more information, refer to the [Compensation] rule under the Terms of Service.

We would also like to remind players of the [Map Ownership] rule; please be civil and respect one another. If in the event that the ownership of your map is being compromised, you are advised to use the '@map' command in-game and screenshot/record the relevant information before filing a report. For the full details of filing a report regarding Map Ownership, please refer to the Reporting Guidelines.

Last but not least, we would like to remind players of the [Exploiting] rule. Should any player identify any loophole, glitch, or unintended feature, please alert the staff at the earliest time possible. Any player found Exploiting will be dealt with severely.

Special thanks to Bread for assisting with the event & Nova for making this possible.


From the Staff Team, we hope you'll have a blessed Christmas and an even better New Year!

See you in 2021.

Seasonal Content
During 2x Vote Points, all players will receive a total of 6 Vote Points upon voting ONCE per 24 hours. For more information on voting and how you can ensure you receive your Vote Points, please refer to the Voting Guide.


  • December 1, 2020 (0000HRS) -- December 7, 2020 (2359HRS)
  • January 1, 2021 (0000HRS) --- January 7, 2021 (2359HRS)
  • February 1, 2021 (0000HRS) -- February 7, 2021 (2359HRS)

Surprise Style Box is a box filled with various permanent NX Equipment that can be purchased from the Cash Shop for 20,000 NX per attempt. Each month, the Surprise Style Box consists of items from a curated list that players can attempt their luck at.

Head to the Cash Shop and hover over the 'Event' option, then select 'SSB'. Select the 'Buy' option for 'Surprise Style Box'.

Once you've made the purchase, double-click the Surprise Style Box in your Cash Inventory to open it!


Featured Previews

December: Pajama Party Set

January: Snowbunny Set

February: Retro Maid Set

The Winter Surprise Style Box (or the Seasonal Surprise Style Box) is a separate curated list of previously released items from the monthly Surprise Style Box that fits the theme of the current season. The objective of a Seasonal Surprise Style Box is to allow newer and/or older players to be able to use items from past monthly rotations and minimize the idea of FOMO (fear of missing out) in the game. The Seasonal Surprise Style Box will cost 15,000 NX per attempt, where items last for 90 days upon acquisition, and will mostly include items that were most sought after during their release.

Head to the Cash Shop and hover over the 'Event' option, then select 'SSB'. Select the 'Buy' option for 'Winter Surprise Style Box'.

Once you've made the purchase, double-click the Halloween Surprise Style Box in your Cash Inventory to open it!


Item List
(DISCLAIMER: Please note that these items are untradeable inclusive of usage of trade commands and will not be able to be made tradeable via Universal NPC. We also do not accept suggestions for Seasonal Surprise Style Box. For item previews, please head to MapleStory Simulator.)


  • Cherry Snow Cap (Female)
  • Evening Orchid Hoodie
  • Fluffy Cat Hood
  • Frozen Dressy Ribbon
  • Glittering Rudolf Antlers
  • Ice Hat
  • Mint Snow Cap (Male)
  • Odette Tiara
  • Odile Tiara
  • Polar Explorer Winter Hat
  • Santa Boy Hat (Male)
  • Santa Girl Hat (Female)
  • Snow Bear Beanie
  • Snow Bunny Beret
  • Snow King
  • Snow Queen
  • Soft Snow Hat
  • Starlit Dreams Cowl
  • Sweet Deer Hood
  • Winter Bunny Hat (Pink)
  • Winter Bunny Hat (Teal)
  • Winter Deer

Eye/Face Accessories
  • NIL

  • NIL

  • Cozy Fur Outfit (Female)
  • Cozy Fur Outfit (Male)
  • Doll's Nightwear
  • Evening Orchid
  • Ice Deer Parka
  • Odette Tutu (Female)
  • Odile Tutu (Female)
  • Polar Fur-Trimmed Dress
  • Queen's Evening Party
  • Santa Boy Overall
  • Santa Girl Overall (Female)
  • Silver Wolf Outfit
  • Snow Blossom Coat (Female)
  • Snow Blossom Coat (Male)
  • Soft Blushed (Female)
  • Soft Mist (Male)
  • Starlit Dreams Robe
  • Sweet Deer Outfit
  • Winter Bunny Coat (Pink)
  • Winter Bunny Coat (Teal)

  • NIL

  • Sweet Dear Anklet

  • Alchemist Cape
  • Angel Cherub
  • Angelic Polar Cape
  • Blizzard Drive
  • Christmas Bunny Cape
  • Fairy Aura
  • Fairytale Mantle
  • Giant Bright Angel Wings
  • Heavenly Aura
  • Icicle Wings
  • Lumpy Snowflakes
  • Mousy Bunny Bouncy Buddies
  • Sapphire Snow
  • Silver Wolf Coat
  • Snow Bear Scarf
  • Snow Bloom
  • Snug Black Nero

  • Arctic Narwhal Pillow
  • Celestial Staff
  • Christmas Bunny Weapon
  • Dewdrop Lantern
  • Dreamy Candy Pillow
  • Fantastic Ice Pop
  • Fluffy Snow Bunny
  • Fortune Flash
  • Frost Staff
  • Frozen Heart
  • Infinite Star Cluster
  • Silver Wolf
  • Small Formosan Deer Weapon
  • Snowflake Rod
  • Soft Snow
  • Starlit Dreamweaver
  • Winter Bunny
  • Winter Deer Tambourine

  • Angel Label Ring
  • Angel Word Bubble Ring
  • Christmas Chat Ring
  • Christmas Label Ring
  • Moonlight Bunny Chat Ring
  • Moonlight Bunny Label Ring
  • Sheep Label Ring
  • Sheep Word Bubble Ring
  • Snow Day Dream Label Ring
  • Snow Day Dream Word Bubble Ring
  • Snowman's Red Scarf Chat Ring
  • Snowman's Red Scarf Label Ring
  • Snowy Christmas Chat Ring
  • Snowy Christmas Label Ring
  • Starry Night Orchid Chat Ring
  • Starry Night Orchid Label Ring


Seasonal event chairs can be found under the 'SET-UP' tab of Valerie NPC located in the Free Market. The prices for these chairs can vary depending on each Season. Legends Awards Coin(s) are used to purchase items from Valerie NPC, where these coins can be acquired via Auto Event(s) and occasional GM Event(s).

Chair Price

Legends Awards Coin (x100)


Chair List
  • Taurus Chair
  • Pisces Chair
  • Gemini Chair
  • Cancer Chair
  • Leo Chair
  • Libra Chair
  • Scorpio Chair
  • Virgo Chair
  • Sagittarius Chair
  • Capricorn Chair
  • Aquarius Chair
All chairs acquired from the abovementioned list are permanent and have no expiration. The chairs can vary in terms of whether or not they are tradeable.


The Staff would like to remind players of the Terms of Service and any actions that may fall under the terms written.

The Staff will not be responsible for any wrong purchases made, loss of items, or issues encountered during the event due to the negligence of not reading any information and/or warnings given on the seasonal thread. For more information, please refer to the [Compensation] rule.

We would like to add emphasis on the [Exploiting] and [Vote Abuse] rules. Should any player identify any loophole, glitch, or unintended feature, please alert the Staff at the earliest time possible. Any player found Exploiting will be dealt with severely.

This thread will be constantly updated throughout the season to keep players up-to-date on the available content they can pursue.

Last but not least, we hope you'll have a winter full of warmth and joy!

– AriesMS Staff Team
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