S>Perm NX/Emblem/Thief Eq


Jul 17, 2020
Discord: IamBob#0983

Try out NX at https://maples.im/

Accept mesos as payment
Willing to do trades as well

a/w price are just for show/not fixed and are negotiable
might sell lower than a/w ;)
those item without price, just offer me reasonable amount :cautious:

A1 - Universal Transparent Weapon a/w 15k
A2 - Button-a-holic Toy Cap
A3 - Pumpkin Headgear
A4 - Goth Cat Hat
A5 - Pumpkin Bat Outfit

B1 - Dragonmare Ninth Sword
B2 - Hoi Poi Hat
B3 - Maple Galaxy Cape
B4&B5 - Orchid Evening Hat&Overall a/w 4.5k

C1 - Triple Fish Skewer a/w 11k
C2 - Bubble Cleaner
C3 - Plain White Cap a/w 3k
C4 - Polar Explorer Winter Hat a/w 3k
C5 - Thermidor

D1 - Sweetie Bros a/w 6.5k
D2 - Christmas Bunny Cape
D3 - Frozen Heart
D4&D5 - Ebi Hat&Overall

E1 - Seaform Coral Blade
E2 - Bloody Fairytale a/w 8k [SOLD]
E3 - Royal Guard Weapon
E4 - Black Cat Plush
E5 - Fall Oversized Jacket

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1 - Rabbit
2 - Aladdin Style (Free Carpet Chair)
3 - Frog
4 - Dao
5 - Duck
6 - Sunny Song Bird
7 - Crown Fitness
8 - Fried Ebi
9 - Evening Orchid
10 - Seafoam

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Emblem 1 [ATT45 IED40 DMG9] a/w 8k
Emblem 2 [ATT21 IED65 DMG24] a/w 2.5k
Emblem 3 [ATT 30 IED100] a/w 2k [SOLD]
GSB [MCSED MA20] a/w 1k

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Arcane Thief Hat a/w 8k
Sweetwater Monocle a/w 1k [SOLD]
AbsoLab Guard [super scrolled] a/w 1k [SOLD]
Royal Assassin Hood (MCSED + SS) a/w 1k [SOLD]
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