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Jul 12, 2018
AriesMS Suggestion Section Rules, Guidelines, and Information

Please note that these are subject to change without prior notice, you're responsible to keep yourself updated regarding unless you want to end up being infraction banned.

Please also note that the Terms Of Service of Elluel Network still applies in this section, you'll find those here:

In this Suggestions section, you are free to give your views and opinions on the services of AriesMS. If you have any suggestions or feedback at all, please do not hesitate to make a new thread!

Section Rules
  1. Only one suggestion is allowed per thread. Players with multiple suggestions, do make multiple threads.
  2. Before posting a suggestion, do check through the other suggestion threads including the Approved and Denied section to make sure that it has not been already suggested before.
  3. Constructive criticisms are allowed but to a certain extent. Flame wars, insults and troll posts will not be tolerated and will result in immediate infraction.
  4. If you have any suggestions create your own thread! Do not post in other players, suggestion threads.
  5. Do NOT use short forms/shortcuts when you are suggesting something. Not everyone understands what your short form/shortcut means.
  6. Do NOT suggest anything that is in/related to any item(s)/features in the 'Do-NOT-Suggest List'. They have either been responded to, denied or will simply NOT be implemented.

Do-NOT-Suggest List
  • Alternative Voting Rewards
  • Anything related to untradeable items
  • Better Server(s)
  • Boss PQ Suggestions (Consists of anything to do with Boss PQ)
  • Drop Rates
  • Character slots
  • Donor Shop items (The staff will decide what is suitable for the server itself)
  • Fixing of certain bugs first
  • Game Card/Credit as Donation method
  • Increased server rates
  • Making items cubeable
  • Monster Park Suggestions (Consists of anything to do with Monster Park)
  • More Channels/Worlds
  • More Items in Cash Shop
  • Mu Lung Dojo suggestions
  • Open Job Advancement
  • Reduce Lag
  • Server restart
  • Pam's Song
  • Skill edits
  • Skills that are not working/bugged to be fixed

Lastly, good suggestions tend to require a great amount of time and effort put into it. Be sure to include as much information as possible as to why you would like to see your suggestion being implemented. Suggestions which are made purely based on your own personal laziness will NOT be considered (eg. Changing the placement of an NPC so that you do not need to move a few extra steps).

NOTE: If a suggestion has not been moved to Approved or Denied, that means it is still being considered. If you find that your suggestion has been deleted, that means the suggestion has been implemented.

Good luck with your suggestions!

Best Regards,
AriesMS Staff Team
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