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Mr. X

Jul 17, 2018

What is this?
With the courtesy of both Elyx and Nova, I will be providing the server with working quests / storylines / Non-player Characters (NPCs).

How will this work?
A little research shows that as of Global Maplestory v196.2, there are approximately 60,000 quests within the game files. As most of the players are aware, a great majority of these do not work on Aries as of yet. As the content will be provided for no one other than the players, we would love hearing your views on what quests / storylines you want to see. You may provide suggestions for specific quests / storylines / NPCs (make sure they exist on Global Maplestory) and they will be given priority ahead of the 60,000-ish quests. I will have a list of completed storylines / quests, kindly refrain from suggesting those. Please follow the format found below when making a suggestion. Before making a suggestion, be sure to use the search function to avoid making duplicate suggestions.

I will not be taking suggestions related to up-to-date storylines following a major update. They will be added by Nova whenever he's ready to. You may not suggest any quests on this thread that do not exist on Global Maplestory. These two factors aside, anything goes.
If there are no suggestions, I will be providing content in my order of preference.
Suggestions will not be done on a first-come-first-serve basis, but everything on the list will be attended to before I move on to the ones I personally feel inclined towards doing. In the event that Elyx / Nova expresses interest in specific content, then those will take priority. Such requests will be underlined to denote their precedence over other suggestions.
Just me being indecisive af and will probably take me a longer time deciding on which ones I want to work on than actually doing them.
I'm bored and my hands are itchy.
Eventually, maybe not by myself, maybe someone else takes over, but the goal is to have everything completed sooner or later.
Quests / questlines that directly affect gameplay progression will be put on hold for the time being. These quests / questlines will be implemented in time to come after both Elyx and Nova arrive at a conclusion on how existing content will work after these are added.
These quests / questlines have already been completed on my end but yet to be added to the live realm for whatever reason (awaiting approval, will be added in a following server maintenance, on hold for any reason).

Quest Type : Questline / Standalone quest
Description :

  1. FriendStory
  2. Will of the Alliance
  3. Mushroom Shrine
  4. Queen Ifia's Rose Garden
  5. Grand Athenaeum
  6. iTCG Forging
  7. Afterlands
  8. Black Heaven
  9. Heroes of Maple
  10. Masteria Through Time
  11. Colossus
  12. Fox Valley
  13. Dragon and the tiger
  14. Alishan
  15. Mushroom Castle
  16. Chryse
  17. Fantasy Theme World
  18. Golden Temple
  19. Zenumist and the Missing Alchemist
  20. Enemy Mastermind / Meet the Mastermind
  21. Zenumist and Alcadno
  22. Monad

  1. Temple of Time Questline

  1. Shaolin Temple (Release date to be announced after further testing)
  2. Kerning Tower

  1. Fantasy Theme Park

  1. Omega Sector (Done by Squeeze from long ago)
  2. Shanghai: Yu Garden (Added on 29-5-2018 server maintenance)
  3. Morass Questline & Dailies
  4. Esfera Questline (Added on 27-7-2018 server maintenance)

- Thanks, Mr. X
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Jul 30, 2018
IGN: Edisonnn
Quest Type: idk
Descripotion: lightbulb on my head , cant click or forfeit cuz i dont know what quest it is and i dont know which it is :(.[/QUOTE]


Aug 13, 2018
United States
IGN : Jion
Quest Type : Questline
Description : Lana Charm Questline / Trait questlines

These quests have apparently worked in the past, as there are some with existing charm medals. Currently, if you try to talk to Lana and accept the quest nothing will happen.

Edit: Unsure if this is the correct location for this, or if a bug report would be more suitable.


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Jul 19, 2018
slime tree
IGN : Jion
Quest Type : Questline
Description : Lana Charm Questline / Trait questlines

These quests have apparently worked in the past, as there are some with existing charm medals. Currently, if you try to talk to Lana and accept the quest nothing will happen.

Edit: Unsure if this is the correct location for this, or if a bug report would be more suitable.
To piggy back off this suggestion, I'm going to provide a bit more detail.

IGN : Dong
Quest Type : Every quest involving the NPC Lana in Henesys Market here.
Description : Most of these quests involve simply talking to NPCs or a one time collecting of monster ETC items/killing monsters. The only potential problem may be Rage Expression that involves killing a crimson balrog (do these spawn on the ship to Orbis still?).


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Aug 31, 2018
IGN : Pensayr
Quest Type : Questline
Description : Masteria Through Time / Blockbuster

i love so much this questline and give the cool medal, chair for reward, I like to do, please <3
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Feb 23, 2019
IGN : Proyuri
Quest Type : Questline
Description : MR Wetbottom's Secret Book / Hungry Ronnie
part of the quest is in game but u cant obtain fresh milk which should be obtainable from copper drakes in gms.
Yes this questline should definitely be completed (and don't forget the final quest "Returned Secret Book"). It works fine, but like Proyuri said, the copper drakes don't drop the fresh milk. That's the only thing that needs to be fixed in this questline, and then we can get a sauna robe for the nostalgia from Pre Big Bang. :) Would be an amazing small addition (y)


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May 5, 2019
IGN : Kemerz (140)
Quest Type : theme dungeon
Description : Kemerz Questline. The 140-level Kemerz City Replica mission is very interesting, and the Kemerz basic equipment provided is very friendly to novices and can help novice players adapt to the game. The whirlpool equipment currency provided by the unlocked nautical mission is also a play point.
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IGN : The task of the future new leaf city(front: a voice full of fear 160)
Quest Type : theme dungeon
Description :
This task can unlock the rig BOSS
At the same time, we can accumulate a set of common alien suits for related tasks. It is very friendly to novice players. It is not only convenient for links, but also can help100-star power. the players will be willing to create more characters to full experience of the fun of different professions, can you consider opening it?
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Can you add more plot missions? Many plot missions are unacceptable, and many of the mission props are not blasting and cannot be performed normally. Whether you can consider perfecting some copy tasks, after all, the story is also an important part of ms. The dialogue interaction of NPC in these tasks is very interesting, and it will add a lot of color to this server. It is recommended not to let the game become just a blame, so monotonous, long time is easy to get tired
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Jun 19, 2019
IGN : Hatu (is it correct I type my ign here?)
Quest Type : Standalone quest (or party quest)
Description : Erda Spectrum

(I am quoting details from maplestory wiki)
Erda Spectrum is a party quest located near Vanishing Journey in the Arcane River area.

If you complete the PQ, you will obtain 87,026,100 EXP and Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey x 2. You can also immediately complete daily runs for every additional area you complete in Arcane River.

When Chu Chu Island is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 1 run to receive the Symbols instantly.
When Lachelein is completed, you will be able to immediately complete 2 runs to receive the Symbols instantly.
Note that the EXP reward will NOT be given if you choose to immediately complete the run.

So we can earn additional 6 VJ symbols daily.
It would be really helpful to accelerate our symbol leveling.
We have 8x exp rate but I feel like symbol leveling is too slow against 8x exp rate.
Hope we can have this quest.

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Jan 3, 2020
IGN : spawn9you
Quest Type : commerci republic
Description : when commerci coins drop below 5 player unable to proceed, a quest should be implemented to gain back some coins.
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