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Oct 8, 2018

Have a drink, kick your feet up and relax.
This is gonna be a bumpy ride

So, you're thinking of playing AriesMS, but you're not VERY sure how to start?
Oh look, someone made a guide!
Thanks @PlatRedditAccount and @Rend!
Let's get into it shall we?

24/3/2019 - Created with help of @Rend
29/3/2019 - Updated Link Skills and put guides beside respective users at bottom
30/3/2019 - Cleaned up with massive reformat, added Mchaos vs Super scrolls
21/4/2019 - Added in Sweetwater Accessory guide

▪▪▪▪▪What will be covered▪▪▪▪▪
Monster Drops
How to get meso
How not to get scammed
Familiars and how to get them
How to cube your items and droprate guide.
Monster Collection
Link Skills
Character Slots
End-game gears & costs

Monsters in Aries drop SEVERAL THINGS.
Not everything is useful
But remember, not everything they drop is useful

The useful stuff they drop are
Maple Leaves
Spell Traces
Monster Park Tickets
Old Maple Coins
New Maple Coins
Red Cubes
Nodestones (Applicable only to Arcane Force Maps)

But why only these few items?
Everything will be covered in this guide!

Lemme just drop this in real quick..

You can use your maple leaves to level your mules!
Because hitting mobs when leveling mules is just

@ea < debugs you. Used only when you cannot enter a portal or speak to an NPC
@towns < allows you to teleport out to major towns
@check < displays the current server time, how much longer until the daily reset, how much DropRate% and Meso% you have and lots of other stuff
@event < only applicable when there is an auto-event/GM Event. Cc to the channel stated and use @event to join in!
@whowas < only applicable if person is in the same map as you. Tells you all their previous IGNs (if they changed it before)
•Universal NPC in Quickmove•

Important functions from this loli include "purchase VP items" to spend your vote points, and
"make item Tradable" (10m meso and a Platinum Scissor of Karma) for normally untradable equiments.

•Belle in Free Market•

Her function revolves around exchanging maple leaves.
You can trade leaves for good starter equiments or for EXP to level up.
(This is where that leaf chart comes in handy)
But since i know you guys are either lazy to scroll up or want convenience, i'll put it here again

•Special Shop in Free Market•

(tbh i think Elyx made this loli into a chest)
This is where you spend your Maple coins that drop universally from mobs.
- Normal shop deals with coins that drops from the mobs normal channels (1-10)
- Elite channel shop deals with coins that drops from the mobs in elite channels (11-15)
Disclaimer: If your brain starts leaking out of your ears at roughly the 10th MP Run, close this spoiler and scroll down.
It's an inconvenient truth that Monster Park (MP) farming makes the most mesos/hr.
While I dislike doing MP as much as the guy next to you
there's no denying that farming MP gives you the fastest progress in AriesMS.
Therefore, it is recommended that you start MP farming as soon as possible.
However, you might not find enjoyment in progressing with such an unbearable farming method.
If you hate farming MP like most of the sane players,
Scroll down for there is a multitude of ways to earn mesos.
(However these do require you to use abit of your brain power)
Most of which are covered in the Mesos Guide below!
However do take note that they are simply just nowhere near as fast as Monster Park.
Rate of DP / 1000 x 150 = cost of fresh pvac
cost of fresh pvac / 24 x (how many hours you want to buy) = PRICE OF YOUR PVAC
A failsafe and linear way to rapidly progress would be to:
Reach level 200 > Earn some starting Mesos > Build range & cube yourself to 300 DropRate% >
5th job advance > Do arcane prequest (VJ) > Monster Park > Buy/make Gears

*You may replace MP for any other mesos-making method you find more bearable.
*There will be a video in the future where a character starts from 0 and starts out selling kishin then affords gear for MP.


Since we know most of you guys are cheapo's
Here's a guide for getting FREE STUFF
•John Treasure Rings•

These are pottable, scrollable and best of all, completely free!
You can equip 4 of this special ring at the same time.
Simply do the 20 minute Questline as guided below
Repeat it on 3 more characters for a total of 4 rings.
Cube these rings for DropRate% and use up their slots to star them to 12*.
This method actually saves you from having to buy costly different rings like Scarlet Ring, Silver Blossom Ring or Tempest Ring.
Thanks Kyo!

•Alien Fragment Accessories•

These accessories from AlienPQ have a good 3 set Bonus of +50 att/m.att
You can cube some of them later on for DropRate%

Despite being called Party Quest, it is a solo quest that involves killing monsters for 5 minutes.
To do AlienPQ you will require at least 100k range.
How to get there you ask?
Quickmove -> Dimension Mirror -> Scroll to 3rd page -> Click on Satellite icon.
As pointed out by @Rend recently, Rare Alien Fragment Helmet may be hammered up to 20 times. (No i'm not joking nor did i make a typo)
TWENTY. (Meaning that you can get a total of +35 slots on it.)

•Onyx Maple Gear•
- Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Gum Accessory, Cape, Pendant.
This beginner-friendly set can be made with maple leaves and a tiny amount of meso.
- Talk to Belle the FM NPC and choose "exchange for level 30 Pearl equipments" to get the Pearl Equiment.
- Then upgrade it to Onyx with the option of "exchange for level 100 Onyx equiments".
5 pieces of this set gives 9% Damage and 40 att/m.att
Cube armor for 15%+ of your mainstats and some %ATT on the weapon

It only costs you 5000 Maple Leaves as well as5mil meso to make an Onyx Maple piece.
With the exception of secondary weapon, which requires 30 000 Maple Leaves and 100m mesos.
My advice regarding this is to get it next time, as it doesn't really bring any value to the table at this point in time

•Sweetwater Tattoo and Monocle•
1555851560449.png 1555851600749.png

You can get Sweetwater Tattoo and Monocle for free (If you do the Commerci questline)
For reference, it's currently 15b per Sweetwater item in the Auction House, so my advice is save yourself that 30b and farm it yourself.
Also, these aren't one-off purchases like your Gollux Equipments, meaning you can farm them to sell in Auction House

•Ghost Ship Exorcist & Krexel Pauldron•

Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge is the best badge you can get ingame and can be scrolled + cubed for range.
Krexel Pauldron is a decent and free shoulder accessory.
- Click here for a video guide of Krexel questline
- Click here for a video guide of Ghost Ship questline


Getting stronger
Rule of thumb: 1 att = 2,5 mainstats.
Mchaos is an expensive scrolling method (requires a lot of Innocent Scrolls) that lets players gain extra att/m.att on armor, accessory, badge.
However with that said, it is stronger than Super Scroll if you get lucky.
You are still recommended to use super scroll when starting out since it is safe and cheaper than Mchaos.
On non-weapon equipments that have base att/m.att, people opt to use Mchaos.
Miraculous Chaos scroll (Mchaos) has a range of -10 to +9 on any existing stats.
Generally, the ratio is 1 att/m.att = 2.5 mainstats
So if you get +4 att on an mchaos you already outdo a Superscroll +9 mainstats (non-weapon Super Scroll has the equivalent of 9 / 2,5 = 3.6 att)
Imagine if you got +9 att from 1 Mchaos, that is more than double the Super Scrolls!
Base att/matt items can be mchaosed for 2 to 3 times before Super Scrolling.
If you get minus stats or low stats (like +3 att and below). You have to reset the equipments with costly Innocent Scrolls.

Examples of decent Mchaos are:
For 2 slots: Aim for 14+ attack and not too much minus on mainstats/some plus (i.e 2 slot +15att +8 luk if you are a Luk class)
For 3 slots aim for 18+ attack and the same thing.
Just Super Scroll after the good Mchaos lands. Dont use Chaos of Goodness (cog) since cogs sometimes give +0 as its range is +(0 to 4). Why gamble with cogs when super scroll gives +3.6 att guaranteed.
For non-att items base like sweet water monocle/tattoo:
Use gollux occult scroll +1 att base then repeat mchaos process like above. Or just super scroll all the way (recommended)

Step1 : get your cubes ready
Step2 : get the incense or whatever ready
Step3 : pray
follow this guide

Red cubes are for Main Potential and are used to to legendary tier along with some early game % lines. (Think 18% to 21% stats)
Premium Miracle cubes increase the number of line lines of your main potential (i.e 2 line to 3line, only works if the potential is below Legendary)
Bonus potential cubes do not increase lines, and the only way you can add lines to your bonus potential is through Bonus potential stamps.
You get a 100% bonus potential stamp at 190.
You can also purchase Silver (60% chance of passing) and Gold (80% chance of passing) bonus potential stamps from the FPQ points shop.
Violet cubes work on main potential, giving you 6 maxed out (prime) lines of random stats of which you can choose 3.
This is the cube you will want to be using on your main items when you want to properly cube.
(It can get up to 36%/39% of the same stats)
For your weapon, Emblem and Secondary, the priority of lines should be
For DropRate% (DR) you need to cube 10 potential lines of 20% DR for 200%.
Your base 100% + 200% from 10 lines = 300%, x2 by Familiars for the ideal 600%
Keep in mind you have 4 Free John Treasure Rings to help with DR.

Generally, you want to cube a set of DropRate% gears with red cubes and separate them from your main gears.
When starting out, you will use red cubes on main potential, and later in the game, roll them with the superior Violet cubes.
You may work on bonus potential when you are more funded.

Link Skills are some of the easiest ways to increase your range.
(i'm assuming your link mules are 210)
Demon Slayer = 15% increase in Boss Damage
Demon Avenger = 15% in Damage
Mercedes = extra 15% exp per mob
Phantom link = extra 20% Crit rate
Kanna = 10% Damage
Hayato = extra 25 stat and 15 ATT / MATT
Xenon = extra 10% stat
Beast Tamer = +10% BD and Crit Rate, +5% Max HP / MP
Angelic Buster = +60% Damage for 10 seconds (scale-able with buff duration)
Aran = 900% orb combo (basically 9x what you would normally get without this link)
Evan = extra rune time (basically extends your 2x exp time from the rune)
Luminous = extra 20% IED

or if you want more info, scroll down for @Demagonz guide!

When you first start your journey as an AriesMS player, you are only given 4 character slots.
You can purchase more character slots (up to a maximum of 21) from the Cash Shop.
However the absolute MAX you can get (before needing to use the Paragon Shop character slot) is 30
Question: So where does the extra 9 character slots come from?
Answer: From seasonal events such as Halloween, Christmas, Aries Anniversary Event.
In order to fully unlock your legion board, you need to have a cumulative level of 6000 across your entire account.
So, 6000 / 30 = 200 lvl per character (which is easy to get with leech service)
The main reason you will want more characters has to do with your legion board. Legion gives you valuable stats bonus and utilities like EXP%.

Hene does a great job explaining what is legion and why you should do it.
Most notably, high legion tier gives %EXP, Boss damage and Crit damage.
Recommend to read through if unsure.


Guide to mesos

Vote Point available from voting goes for 70m ~ 90m per VP
You can go to quick move and exchange VP to whatever the buyer wants
Reward Point from bossing can be accumulated at 2500 to buy Violet Cube which goes for 1,5b
*There is a daily limit of 1600 Reward Point earned from bossing
3 Vote points (VP) that you get daily can easily sell for 210 ~ 270m.
VP helps you start off and can be exchanged for utilities like EXP and Drop rate coupons.
The universal NPC lets you know what VP offers.

Reward point (RP) can be farmed on easy bosses across multiple characters on the same account.
It's used mainly to buy Violet Cubes or Extra Pendant Slot.

Quite literally sell your body for money, no range needed!
- 500m/hr
for Kishin spawn boost service
- 400m/hr for Holy Symbol EXP (HS) service
- 600m/hr for Pink Bean service (req. attention)
- 300m/hr for Beast Tamer (BT) service (purely AFK)

The stamp awarded in your giftbox at lvl 190 is a valuable source of mesos when first starting out.
It's a 100% stamp adds 1 more line to bonus potential and can be sold for 1.2b.
(You can either smega S>Bpot stamp or put it in Auction house)
For this, my advice is to repeat levelling mules, and harvesting the stamps on as many characters as you want.
Return later to the now high levelled characters to harvest their Ghost Ship Exorcist Badges
(take note you can also sell GSE, however not many people buy em unless they boom their current GSE)
Earn 1b by selling the reward you get for reaching lvl 190.

After you have levelled 2 or 3 characters to level 190, you can do the Ghost Ship Exorcist (GSE) Questline on them.
The quest is once per character and you can repeat it across different characters.
(you can actually start it as early as level 160)
Do take note that GSE is a best-in-slot badge that can be sold to others players for 800m
It is recommended that you keep one for yourself and sell spares.

Gollux Questline is very accessible to beginners at little to no damage requirement.
Scroll down to the Gollux section of the boss preq guide
It is recommended that you do this on a Kanna with Kishin to speed up the mob count part of the quest.
After you are done with Gollux prequest,
Find a leech on smega that says R>Hellux Leech for fame.
It will take roughly 3 minutes to leech and you can fame the leecher afterwards.
Doing Hellux runs will give 25 to 30 coins that can be used to buy incredibly valuable Gollux items.
*Gollux runs are account bound, meaning that you can't leech or kill Gollux multiple times on the same account.
However you can make another account and do prequest again for x2 Gollux leech daily.
You are guaranteed 10b after 5 days of Hellux leeching by selling Superior Gollux Ring/Earring from the Gollux shop.
This huge amount of meso is more important for starters than having a piece of Gollux accessory.
You can get the Gollux items back on another account/character, so fret not about selling the one-time shop purchase.
If you exhaust all the notable Gollux accessories in the shop, buy Advanced Gollux Scroll (AGS) - 30 coins which goes for 500m.

Personally i find running FPQ with a regular group much better, but that's my personal preference

Look for smega that says R> FPQ (Recruiting FPQ) or you can smega yourself: J>FPQ (Joining FPQ).
Take note that for FPQ's, you have to be within +/-20 levels of the leader who will almost always be level 200+.
FPQ is honestly a great way to earn mesos when you're new, or just can't stand Monster Park.
FPQ yields 3b/hr and yet it doesn't rely on high damage!
Get your first couple of bils to prepare for the dreaded Monster Park by selling Innocent Scrolls 40% from the PQ shop.
(People pay stupidly high prices for em)

All mobs drop Old/New Maple Coins and NX.
Old Maple Coins drop from all mobs in normal channels (1-10) and can buy:

Timeless Coins drop from mobs in elite channels (11-15) and can buy:

Pick a map with high mob density and within your one-shot range.
In Elite channels, you get more NX per mob and a better type of maple coins but it also requires more range.
Good maps can be Alien Corridor, Ant Tunnel Square 2, Spiderwolf Cavern or Wrecked Ship Grave.
All classes can farm mobs but some exceptionally good map controllers are Mechanic, Evan and Angelic Buster.

You will earn roughly 2b/hr from selling NX and exchanging coins for red/bpot cubes.
This oldschool method of farming (coupled with PetVac) can earn you maple coins which you can spend at FM NPC for cubes and bonus potential cubes.

Regarding NX, it can be sold directly to other players with command @offernx in the trade window.
It isn't the the most lucrative but of course, it's not bad for players who are just starting out.

This specific scroll is used for scrolling Android Heart for Dex
It can fetch a good amount because it gives more Dex than 10% Gun/Bow/Xbow scrolls.
I recommend having a petvac, 100k range and 600% drop rate to maximize scroll drops.
My recommended maps to farm are Mulung Panda or Ludibrium Robot maps.
Use World-map to see wherein said regions these monsters spawn and then Quickmove -> Taxi to find them.
Each Soul Shooter 10% scroll sells for 350m, you can get 15+ of them in an hour
These scrolls become expensive when people need to scroll their Heart.

This questline in Ninja Castle will give you a 3-line Bonus Potential scroll which easily can sell for 3b.
The hard part is waiting for the area boss (Kachuu Musha) to spawn. You can cycle through channels 1-15 to find it.
*Menu -> change channel in char select if you tend to DC while cc-ing.
It is recommended that you do the questline up until the boss part then check the map periodically for the boss.
A video guide for the Maze and Quests by Hahjinchoi (HealYou)
Video guide by HealYou

you can sell the special scroll for 3b if you are able to find the boss.
This is a sneaky and powerful meso headstart that hinges on securing an area boss.
It only requires 100k range and about 20 minutes for you to finish the questline and hunt for the highly sought after boss.

The top 3 most wanted familiars in Aries are
Mutant Ribbon Pig (Future Hene)
Big Spider (Edelstein mine)
False Damiyo (Ninja castle Questline)
They are the top 3 most wanted familiars as they double your current drop rate %
so basically if you have 300% drop rate, it would become 600% (which is the max for Aries)
You will want 600% drop rate as progressing and end-game content revolves around bosses dropping you items
As well as your Arcane Dailies.

It is recommended that you buy 1 Pig familiar from Auction House if you have 0 familiars
It's the most affordable and will help you find more copies of any other familiar with its x2 boost.

Basically a way to farm RP and Spell Traces while offline/AFK
Hene does a great explanation over here
Monster Collection Guide


MOVING ON TO THE ROLLERCOASTER! This is literally the fastest way to progress in AriesMS.
Monster Park holds a lot of high-demand items which can be used to upgrade your own gears or sold to other players.
You need 600% drop rate and 700k range along with a PetVac to do Vanishing Monster Park (most meso/hr ingame)
If you have only 700k range and want to skip Vanishing Journey Prequest just for the MP unlock,
it's recommended that you buy a VJ prequest leech so it doesn't take you 3 hours to complete.
You will make back the money paid to VJ leech in an hour of MP farming so there's nothing to lose.
Alternatively, 200k range is needed for Stronghold Monster Park which is easy for newbies but gives way less coins.
(About 70 compared to 110 for VJ)
You can earn up to 9b/hr with Monster Park.
It is literally the biggest mesos-maker.

Whether you hate Monster Park with a passion, feel like killing the person who invented Monster Park, or simply just stomach it for the time being, Monster Park is the most profitable farming method.
You should get the Drop Rate, range and prequests for it as soon as possible.
Moving on towards the UNFUNDED section..
(When i say unfunded, i mean you don't have 100b to drop on a mule)

Guide by Vivi
After you have gotten the hang of self-levelling 1-190, you should start streamlining this process.
By picking classes with innate EXP buffs, you can reach lvl 190 and milk their stamps faster.
Classes with EXP advantage include: Kanna, Bishop, Phantom (HS stolen).
*Sometimes Kanna even gets offered free leech to 200 in return for kishin service.


What are the odds that someone have a specific guide for 100* stars?
Obviously 10/10! Scroll to bottom of guide for link
Follow the 100* star guide but it's easier now that you have 4x Star-able John Treasure Rings (12* ea) to help you get 48*.
You can read about 5th job details as well


Free Market / Merching
Note: Not a foolproof way, but you can get the scammer punished!
The biggest scam going on around now is the innocence service scam, as you have to give your item to the seller.
Who will then gamble the inno scroll for you.
The price of an inno 40% scroll hovers around 1 ~ 1.2b
And you can purchase them from the achievement shop, or from the FPQ shop.
As such, if you see someone selling inno svc for a way below average price like 500m,
My recommendation is not to buy from those people.
Of course, that isn't to say that if you find someone selling inno svc cheaply,
that person won't scam you.
Always take screenshots of you trading the inno svc seller the item, agreement that he is doing inno svc for X Mesos, and will trade you back the item after service is completed.
If the seller does scam you and runs away with your item, submit a report over at
with all your proof
Keep your wits about you in the trading market and try to have proof of transaction for big trades.

Best-in-Slot gear items by Song
Basically what you are trying to get for end-game!
Scroll down for link to guide

This is how much you will be spending once you know how to progress. Keep in mind this is a very rough estimation and costs will skyrocket in the future.

This meso cost estimation is not to scare you with expensive endgame spendings but to give a general goalpost for 75k stats.

Where to seek help?
Either drop a comment down below, or come into the Aries official Discord to ask for help.
Good luck, and have fun everyone!
Penelope (MP Guide) MP God guide

Hene (FPQ Guide and Legion Guide) FPQ / Legion

Poro (Monster Collection Guide) Poro's Monster C guide

Song (Best-in-Slot) Server #1 BiS Guide

Spyro/Eki (Boss Prequest Guide) Staff team guide

Jermodia (100* Starforce Guide) 100 Star Force ez

Vivi (Levelling Guide) 1-250 P100

Kyo (4 free rings you can cube for drop-gear) Kyo's FREE DROP RING GUIDE

Demagonz (Link skills guide) The bear's link skill guide

Spyro/Imperfect (Scrolling Guide) Scrolling Guide

Polarium (Sweetwater Guide) Sweetwater Guide

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