Prioritize older drops disappearing first.


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Jul 19, 2018
As a Shadower, as I attack mobs they drop mesos which I use for my meso explosion skill which is an important mobbing skill for me. If I'm grinding in the same map for a while the map will eventually be full of mesos to the point where if any items drop they instantly disappear before I can loot them. I imagine this is because of some sort of cap of how many items can be dropped in a map at a time. I've lost out on many quest items, nodestones, combo orbs and so on because of this.

"Well just turn Pickpocket off so the mobs don't drop mesos."

The thing with this is that if pickpocket is off I can't use meso explosion to get rid of the mesos on the ground to make sure items wont disappear. This brings me to my suggest of if possible please make it so that mesos (or atleast the mesos dropped from Pickpocket) disappear first instead of items OR have it so that the mesos/items that have been on the ground for the longest time disappear first instead of the newly dropped mesos/items.

I know this is an extremely niche issue and doesn't affect that many people but I'm sure my fellow Shads and I would very much appreciate it. Thank you :)
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