New and Confused


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Jun 5, 2019
Hi guys !

My name is Maxim and i'm new to the game and kinda confused about it lol. Don't know where to post this but since i'm new anyways ill introduce my self kappa

So the confusing part is .. well everything there are so many things to follow xd
I read the guides and I don't understand them quiet well, don't really know like how to plan my path , what class should I main since there are just so many , the legion system etc etc . everything kinda seems fuzzy to me. so in that regard , can someone explain to me generally what I need to strive for , what should I focus on briefly or to just how to start to play the game and what should I do , would be helpful :)

I've played MapleStory before but back in like 2010~ and still I was a kid so I didn't really know what I was doing haha . came across this server when I searched for a fun game to play and I like this style of game so i'm rather excited to get gud :) ty for reading


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Sep 6, 2018
I'd say you should just choose whatever class you think will be fun. If you want to know more about the class, go visit Ayumilove. Then when you start to understand the game mechanics more, you can make a new main character based on their skills and stats.

There are tons of guides to leveling up, so it should be pretty easy to get to level 200. By then, joining a guild and asking them for help is best. They can even help you level or help you get items. (Cosmic is always recruiting! Search us up in the forums!)

The point of this game is to have fun, so make sure you do that!
Jun 10, 2019
Personally I would recommend doing Link Skills first, which I believe there is a guide for. Lv 120 is sufficient for the time being.

Once you get the ideal link skills done, you can start looking at which class interests you and decide on what you will main. Once you figure that part out, you can just follow the gearing guides, as well as training guides.

There is also an NPC on the left side of the FM that will give you general info about server features.