Looking for lvling up spots/which scroll is the best ?


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Apr 23, 2020
1.Hi i was wondering how can i lvl up fast i am currently at 235lvl
I am serching for one shot kill mobs with massive amount of xp i know some places to lvl up such as chuchu island and demon tree but they take 4-6 shot to die my str is 20k and my damage range is 12m

2.i am planning to make my own arcane wepone scrolling /star force so i want the recommended steps to do so when i star force it wont break aslo when i scroll which is the best mchoas or super scroll ?
And if it was mchoas what stat should i focus on ?

Between my job is ARK

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Aug 30, 2018
chu chu island shouldnt take 4-6 shots at 20k str. is your arcane force not 160+ ? it should be. make sure youre doing the quests daily
you would never ever mchaos an arcane weapon. ss is guaranteed +10 attack

you should probably focus on your nodes getting them all to max level thatll help with training.