Leech Service


Nov 26, 2019
Discord: Mina's Paramour#0123 (F9sSlayer). Inquiries of any sort are welcome.
*Discontinued until further notice

Accepting meso 1:6

Rate: 500 dp
Time: ~25 minutes
Map: eApple (210-212), eCrilla (212-216), Chicken (216-220)

Rate: 1100 dp
Time: ~1 hour
Map: eChicken

Rate: 1100 dp
Time: <1 hour
Map: eChicken (230-231), eCoral (231-235)

Rate: 1300 dp
Time: ~1 hour
Map: eArcana/eCoral

Hourly rate: 1200 dp
Map: eArcana/eCoral
Time: 234-240 10-15 min/level (<1.25 hrs), 240-250 30 min/level (~4.5 hrs)
Note: Since this is hourly, you can AFK. Using runes will make this more worth your time, though.

Rate: 115% of any aforementioned rate
Time: ~65% of any aforementioned time quotes
Note: This is where I turn off pet loot, you actively grab EXP orbs, and PB service is also provided (i.e. 560% EXP). You are also free to grab Elite coins and node drops. Lv 3 Aran link required. Requires pre-arrangement.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. I will always provide Kishin, MVP, and HS/PB.
2. High chair (12th Snowflake) are available for loan with pre-payment or collateral. This is mandatory for Arcane River maps in general as AFK mobs will kill you (~10% HP damage dealt per touch).
3. When buying a leveling pack (210-240), you cannot AFK for more than 15 minutes. You are required to use runes as CD goes down and have EXP buffs/coupons active at all times.
4. If a leech takes 15% more than the quoted time frames above, there's probably a problem on the buyer's side (e.g. Dying, forgetting an EXP buff). I reserve the right to cancel the leech and take partial payment.
5. Actively getting EXP orbs may speed up the process by ~25%.
6. Time quotes are under optimal conditions at 500% EXP (i.e. HS, MVP, Kishin).

1. Link skills: Mercedes Lv3, Evan Lv3 (Aran Lv2+ is recommended). These services are provided often in smega (117-200 stamp payment, 200-210 100dp, and should only take ~15 min each).
2. Legion for max bonus EXP + Lv. 200 Zero legion bonus
3. Hyper stats in bonus EXP
4. 2x EXP cash coupon (3 VP) + 2x EXP buff (5 VP, untradeable) + Decent HS
5. Buff Freezer + Hyper/VIP TP rocks (it should not be possible for you to die, but in the case of an Elite or d/c, these are needed)
6. MPE Gold potions (10% bonus EXP) are recommended.
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