Late game AB Arcane Cape/Glove/Shoe sale (mad discounts) (first come first serve)

May 2, 2019
It's arcane equips. It's just anviled to other eqs. You can read the item names.

If scroll is unsatisfactory, even inno-ing them for the pots is a good deal because clean+dslot is already about the same price.

18k per piece for a/w.
16k per piece immediate deal (within 30minutes of contact)

Purchase 2 = 1.5k dp discount
Purchase 3 = 3k dp discount

It's a good deal if you intend to fully dslot your equips/have the funds to. I understand not everyone has that budget or build in mind.

Treating the items as Clean+dslot+mpot 36 is still very much considered a good purchase at the price of just 15k each when purchasing all 3. You can reroll the bpot and inno it. You save perfect stamps as well.

You are also able to use them temporarily while you inno and mchaos items you desire one by one. Being able to start training asap on a new ab to 235 to start earning arcane force is a bonus.

Weapon is not available anymore.
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