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Jul 17, 2018
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Dear players,

The following are the list of bugs that are known to the server, however, due to issues arising from Nexon's end some of the bugs will not be fixed in the near future until Nexon rectifies it. Some are also intended features.


1. Root Abyss Coin Shop
When you try to buy Root Abyss keys with a coin instead of mesos, it defaults to buying the key with mesos anyways
2. HP/MP Bar Issues
Unable to repot to max HP/MP as indicated by the system.
3. Buff Disappears from Changing Channels
Some buffs randomly disappears upon changing channels.
4. Chaos Vellum
Chaos Vellum stuck in ground hence unable to attack/proceed with the boss run.
5. Monsters that Freeze in Game
Some monsters spawned in-game for quest/PQ purposes are not killable, they freeze upon summoning and hence the whole quest cannot be completed.
6. Commerci Denaros
Commerci Denaro gain is working as intended, however, if players were to utilise all of the income, you will not gain anything in return.
7. Royal Hair Coupon
Coupon that is of one-time use will not save the hair if user did not save it themselves. Upon disconnecting from the server, the hair will be lost.
8. Greed Pendant (%Meso)
Correct calculation of obtained %meso line is not reflected properly by @check command.
9. Evolution Lab Mineral & Herb Cores
Mineral and Herb Drop Cores do not drop the Minerals and Herbs that it states.
10. Commerci Shop
Lacking of Commerci Denaros will disable any purchase of items in the Commerci Shop. On GMS, stimulus system allows user to gain additional 10 Denaros, however, such a system does not exist in our server.
11. MPE Green Potion Duration Bug
12. Blacklist Function
Blacklist feature doesn't allow adding of any player to it. It does not say anything when you try to add someone and then when trying again, says that the process is being requested, please try again later.
13. Tower of Oz Question Ring Box
Different (time-limited) potential rings should be awarded but the box does not give anything.
14. Achievement Coin: Special Potential Scroll
Special Potential Scroll from the shop does not always give the 3L that is described on the scroll itself. It's a visual bug, the ID of the item that's in there is supposed to be a special potential scroll, but the icon just shows bonus.
15. Fatigue not Recovering per Hour
Every hour, you're supposed to recover 20 fatigue (aside from the daily reset, where it's supposed to set it back down to 0). Unfortunately, you don't recover 20 fatigue per hour right now; only at the daily reset.
16. Epic/Unique Potential Scrolls
Epic pot scrolls 80% and 100% are supposed to raise 'Rare' revealed potentials to 'Epic', however, you can't use both 80% or 100% epic pot scrolls on equipments that are 'Rare'. You can only use them on equipments with no potentials.
17. Shadower's Venom Burst
The active effect for Venom Burst for Shadowers does not work.
18. Rune of Riches
Activating Rune of Riches does not drop items as it should.
19. Invincibility Skills
Invincibility status may not apply for certain instances; this is intended.
20. Zero's HP
Alpha and Beta do not have separate HP gauges.
21. Buddy List Wipe
On rare occasions, Buddy List may bug out and get wiped.
22. Aggressive Rankings
Rankings for Aggressive-ness in bosses are not sorted by damage output.
23. Buccaneer's Stimulating Conversation
Stimulating Conversation does not automatically generate energy whilst the skill is active.
24. Decent Holy Symbol Node
Drop rate effect from Decent Holy Symbol skill acquired from Nodes do not apply; this is intended.
25. Invisible Damage Numbers
Certain damage skins do not show upon use, this will be fixed once we update to v.213.
26. Fiend Seal Skill / Ho Young Questline
The Fiend Seal skill is not available on the Ho Young class due to its questline not being implemented yet.
27. Error 38 upon entering Auction House
Some players are still encountering an Error 38 upon entering the Auction House.
28. Cygnus Prequest
Due to Global MapleStory's (GMS) changes made to the Cygnus prequest in an earlier version, the prequest is currently not working.
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