Increased Reward Points for Harder Bossess


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Mar 10, 2019
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I have noticed while doing dailies you receive 50 RP for doing each daily boss which is great but there is no real incentive to challenge yourself in fighting harder bosses. It seems odd to challenge yourself with a boss like Czak and only to be rewarded with the same RP amount you get for Nzak. I would suggest an increase to 60-80 RP for tougher bossess to the average player. This amount doesn't have to scale it can be a flat amount, just something to give the player an incentive to challenge themselves.

Harder bosses would be Hard Hilla, Czak, Hellux, etc


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Apr 10, 2020
I think this is a bad suggestion. Harder bosses give more RP on occasion. nLotus, nLucid, nDamien, cPap, and more all give 100 RP when killed. And there is a daily cap for RP anyhow, so raising RP gains is not going to help much. Maybe one less mule to run nZak on.

The "harder" bosses that you mentioned like hard hilla and czak are all easily soloable in the 20k range, which is still early game to most players.

Most harder bosses already have an incentive to do them, which is item drops.
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