Illium Guide - Wings of Glory


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Sep 18, 2018
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Hello ! I am Yataome Level 275 Paragon 100 in Aries and level 210+ in GMS. I have been playing this class for over 2 years in Aries to finally master the class and I hope that I could make this class more popular with this quick guide because this is a class with very few players on most other servers! My Discord: Verdant Flora #2697

Brief intro about Illium:
Illium is a Mage from Verdant Flora and you must do all questline at his town Sanctuary like Cadena to access 5th Job. Illium needs to be full 5th V job skills to become a fun class so you shouldn't give up on him before 5th V ^^, Illium takes a long time to master (Maintain stack with Lucent Brand by using Orb), that why at early game Illium is easy to die with new player, Illium has 3 iFrame skills but no bind skill. Illium also has very interesting storyline: Storyline 1 & Storyline 2.


There are complete some Illium guides from GMS:

Illium Guide from GMS | Illium Guide to Sticky Keys | Illium DPS Combo from V.218


TrioNodes and Inner Ability:
#1: Radiant Javelin / Longinus Spear / Umbral Brand
#2: Reaction - Destruction / Deus & Ex / Machina & Reaction - Domination
#3: Longinus Zone / Vortex Wings & Crystal skill - Vortex of Light / ... any other skills (Only build #3 when you have free slot)

I.A: Attack Speed (Important) | Buff Duration (32-38%) | %Skip CD (10%)
%Buff Duration for Flash Crystal Battery, Lucent Brand and Wings of Glory (you will have more than 10 sec for setting buffs, summons before using Wings of Glory to burst).
%Skip CD for Flash Crystal Battery and Longinus Spear

My Mini Combo & Tips:
+ Longinus Spear x Vortex of Light
+ Longinus Spear x Flash Crystal Battery
+ Spam more Longinus Spear during Templar Knight summoned for always triggering passive of Templar Knight (Final Damage is multiplied by x2)
+ Passive of Templar Knight always triggering during Wings of Glory

Some Illium bugs in Aries:
+ Proc rate Reaction - Spectral Blast of Crystal Ignition with 3 Crystals lesser than GMS (Affect to mobbing) so using Crystal Ignition during Wings of Glory to avoid it.
Resonant Wings: places Umbral Brand doesn't trigger automatically, it only triggers when using Winged Javelin (still fine).
+ Animation "3 Shards" from Radiant Javelin is not displayed flexibly as GMS (Maybe it was intended but still work normally)
Crystal Skill - Deus follow the character instead of attacking nearby monsters / boss (It's working like Elquines "I/L" or Ifrit "F/P" )
-> Totally Illium works 90% as GMS


At 76k stats my DPM around is ~24T with max damage is 20~22b for Crystal Ignition + Reaction - Spectral Blast, 10b+ for Winged Javelin (sr for no video)
Illium YouTuber from GMS: ZomgNit | Fyan Reboot
Illium YouTuber from KMS: Riptide

P/s: Have fun with Illium ^^.
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