How to enable 2FA for AriesMS


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Aug 31, 2018
Since there has been some confusion on how to enable and setup 2FA, I decided to post this small guide to help you guys with that.

There are many available 2FA-Apps out there, both for android and IOS devices.

For the sake of simplicity I recommend that you use one of the following 2 Auhenticator Apps:
1. Google Authenticator [ ANDROID || IOS ] (Will be used in this guide)
2. Authy (or Twilio Authy) [ ANDROID || IOS ]

If you do not own a smartphone or a different mobile device that supports Android or IOS Apps, you can use the webextension "Authenticator".
It currently supports Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
To scan a QR code on a webpage using this webextension, you need to click the small square inside the pop up.
Note: Feel free to use any secure Authenticator App that you want. This is just a suggestion.

Step 1
Create a new account at
Make sure to remember or write down your e-mail adress and Date of Birth!

Step 2
Once the account has been created and the confirmation appears on your screen, click the "User Panel" link or enter the 2fa setup via the User Panel directly.

Step 3
Enter your e-mail adress and Date of Birth into the corresponding fields and click "Verify".
Step 4
You will now see a QR code on your screen, that you need to scan with your preferred authenticator app. (See "Authenticators")
Your authenticator should give you a 6-digit Authentication Code, that you will need to enter into the textbox on the same webpage.

Step 5
Click "Activate 2FA".
If you entered the correct Code, you will get redirected to a confirmation page.
You are now done setting up 2FA and can start playing!

Step 1
Go to and login
Step 2
Once logged in click "Add 2FA". A new page should open and ask you for your current PIC. Enter your current PIC into the textfield and click "Verify".

Step 3
You will be redirected to the 2FA Setup page. Leave this open and start your preferred Authenticator App.
For this example we will be using the Google Authenticator App.

Step 4

Scan the QR Code using your Authenticator App.
If you're using a smartphone you may need to give your Authenticator App permission to use your camera.
Step 5
Once the QR code has been successfully scanned, you will be given a 6-digit long Authentication Code within your Authenticator App.
Enter that code into the textfield on the 2FA Setup page that should still be open on your computer.
Make sure to enter the code quickly, as these authenticator codes are only useable for a set amount of time.
Step 6
Click "Active 2FA". You will be redirected to a new page that should confirm your successful activation of 2FA on your AriesMS gameaccount.

Step 1
Start the AriesMS client and login using your username and password.
Step 2
You will now get a prompt to enter your Two-Factor Authentication code.
Step 3
Open the Authenticator App that you prepared and type in the authentication code it shows for AriesMS.
You are now successfully logged in.

Step 1
Login to your AriesMS account on

Step 2
Click "Unlick 2FA".

Step 3
Enter your current PIC* (or E-Mail and Date of Birth) and click "Verify".
*NOTE: If your account was created after the 17th of August 2021, you will need to enter your E-Mail and Date of Birth instead of your PIC.
Step 4
Verify again by clicking "Yes Unlink 2FA".

1. Can I link multiple accounts to the same authenticator?
Yes. Multiple accounts can be linked to the same authenticator.
Just make sure each entry has a unique name, so you know which code is for what account!

2. Can I link one (1) account to multiple authenticators?
"Yes". This kind of counteracts the upsides of the 2fa change, but you can secure 1 account with multiple authenticators.
Simply scan the QR code on multiple devices before verifying. You should get the same code on all devices.
However: I do not recommend you do this, as this can be a security risk.

3. I keep getting the error "Incorrect Code" when I try to verify my authenticator or login. How can I fix this?

This error can occur when the time on your device is not synced/updated correctly.
Follow this guide to reset your time on your android or iOS device:

4. If I have a different question, where can I get an answer?
You can always join the AriesMS Discord and ask your questions in the appropriate channel there.
Feel free to tag me. (Tobi#0416)
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