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May 31, 2020
Hey peeps!

Desire to achieve higher level quicker with minimal effort and affordable price? I would love to offer you my leeching service!

Rate: (accepting mesoes at 1:5.3 conversion )
Level 200-210: 100dp estimated ~15-20 minutes
Level 210-220: 500dp estimated ~30 minutes
Level 220-230: 1100dp estimated ~75 minutes
Maps to leech will vary according to map availabilities (eowls, eapples, ecrilla, echicken)
*the estimated time could vary depending on the requirements met, extra fees would be charged if the time taken varies too much*

Special Deals Package: 1500dp
Level 200-230
I would be able to help you get from level 200-230 on the same day or split into multiple days should you prefer that option.
Please DM me to get further details or to book this package.


> Essential:
- 2x EXP coupon from VP shop (4 hour = 3 VP)
- 2x EXP coupon for an hour (5 VP from vote point shop)
- Teleport rocks and Buff freezer (wouldn't wanna lose all those juicy buffs :p)

> Desirable:
- Evan link skill - Lvl 3 (increased rune duration)
- Mercedes link skill - Lvl 3 (increased EXP gain)
- Hyper stats added for bonus EXP - you can easily reset this after!

> Optional:
- Legion Grid filled for Bonus EXP

NOTE: Full AFK is not allowed for various reasons. I'm very happy for you to attend to your character intermittently! Probably a discord nudge would do the trick should anything happens!

-Available most of the time (DM me to book a slot)
-Can do long hours without break
-Will sponsor Kishin/HS/MVP for most leeches if required
-Loyalty rewards scheme
-Easily contactable - pop me a DM on discord and I will get back to you in no time.

-Discord : Hoosheh#4615
-In Game : Hoosheh
-Availability : Flexible and will try my best to fit your time! *DM to discuss further regarding the time slot*

P.S. As the market is constantly changing, the price may change. Let me know if you feel the need to negotiate the price, I would love to find the best solution for us.
Once we worked out the price together and agreed on it, there will be no further changes.

As this is a lot of information, if you do have any further questions, please feel free to PM me or ping me on Discord. Thanks for reading!
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