Hello I'm looking for cute maple GF


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Apr 26, 2019
United States
lf cute maplestory girlfriend, must know how to use chopsticks, must be good at omok, must know what a homo erectus is, must know how long the ice age lasted, must know about Cambrian time period, must know about the great pyramids of giza and sphinx, must be able to recite the Chinese dynasties from Shang to Qing, must be able to name at least 5 Roman emperors, must be able to write a paragraph on the function of the mitochondria, must be able to draw out very easy atomic structures, must be able to derive and integrate (basic calculus), must be able to recite the basic steps of a western blot, must be able to draw out and name amino acids, must be able to talk about the characteristics found in folic acid deficiency and vitamin b12 deficiency, must be able to tell the difference between CML and AML, must know what a eosinophil is, must be able to prepare a resume for 30 min gf interview, must be able to name common maplestory etc drops, must be able to type at least 100 wpm, must be able to play maplestory, can be boy but prefer girl, there will be a 50 question examination with short answer and multiple choice along with interview, let me know if interested owo