COMPLETED Halloween Event 2020 – Terror Tales

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Jun 20, 2020
IGN: Waseh
Image: Content: This endless nightmare, this horror piano music constantly playing on a loop, Dreams were made to give people their desire, satisfying every little thing everyone desire in the town. Lil Waseh was awoken from her nightmare and has found the Bunny of all Dreams, named Gresham. Being very enthusiastic about bunnies, Waseh grabbed Gresham by the ear and exclaimed, You are mine now! Gresham was not having any patience with Waseh and decided to turn her into a monument replacing her bunny doll with a little trumpet, giving her Wings on her back, and slowly turning into stone. Waseh was never found again and if you ever interact with such a statue, you will hear Rabbit screams
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Dec 10, 2018
IGN : Nyalos

Image :
Content :

Title : Horror

Have you ever wondered what it's like inside a horror movie? No? Well, I did.

Since young, I was always fascinated by supernatural occurrences and as I grew older, I created a team consisting of people with similar interests. It was fun until that fateful day…

That day, we found out about a supposedly haunted mining site that has been causing miners to enter and never leave, and so we packed our gears and set off.

When we reached and entered the cave, we were greeted by a foul smell and rotting limbs everywhere. We decided to split up and look for clues. That was probably the biggest mistake I made…

After five minutes of looking around, I heard a person scream. “Don’t...don’t come any closer!”

As I was slowly approaching, the screaming suddenly stopped and only munching and biting sounds were heard. I shone my flashlight forward and all I saw was a
human-like silhouette feasting on my team member’s motionless body.

I dropped my flashlight and quickly ran towards the entrance, only to get tripped by a rope.

And just like most horror movies, I'm afraid I won't be able to live to tell the tale...

Word count : 199
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Jul 9, 2020
IGN: Kayi
Title: A deal with the Devil

Image: Content:

My husband and I have been trying so hard to get a child of our own.💑
It took a lot of effort and prayers. 🙌 🙌
Or so it seemed to my husband, for I have struck an immeasurable deal with something otherworldly. 👀

A deal was made on my part, 🤝
For I would have to depart, 😇
In order to create a work of art,

By playing with the Devil’s card. 🃏

I was shocked, both literally and emotionally* when I was brought back to life after conceiving.
Something was wrong. Something was definitely not right. ❌
I lived my life in fear, knowing that something bad would happen to any of my family or me. 😖
Until one night, my fears came true. 😲

I awoke to the sound of the baby monitor crackling with a voice comforting my child. 👂
As I opened my eyes, I came to realise that my husband was sleeping next to me. 😴

Who was it? 😧

I quickly panicked and rushed over to the nursery to see that my child was in the arms of another by the window. 👨‍👧
Something not of this world. 👽
With two horns and an evil grin, my baby vanished into the night with the
Devil himself.

Word Count: 199
Emoji Count: 18
*to note that it's a word play of "shock".
1) shocked by the defibrillator
2) emotionally shocked that protagonist is still alive


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Dec 27, 2018
IGN: Nyalis
Title: Reflection

You've noticed something. Something watching you from the corner of your eyes. A pair of eyes burning onto your back, but when you turn around, nothing's there. Only your reflection, as you walk by the window of stores closed for the night.
It's been going on for the past couple of days as you walk home at night from work.

Next rainy night, you walk by you saw the reflection again in rain puddle. You think nothing of it.
As you walk past a mirror on the window, you see your reflection yet again - but this time, smiling.
A chill runs down your spine. You wanted to scream and run, but you felt like you were frozen and no voice came out of your throat.
Suddenly a hand came out of the mirror and grabbed your arm, and you feel yourself being pulled into the mirror.

Everything went black.

You feel groggy, your head is throbbing, and you're in a room with nothing but a glass window
You saw your own reflection standing on the other side of the window, revealing the same smile from before.
As you shout and slam the window, the "reflection" turned around and walked away.
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Jul 19, 2018
In his ♥
IGN: Joann
At night, I was walking my way down to Henesys Market. I entered the store to buy elixir potion. While I was looking around the store, I found it very quiet.

It was quite strange that I was alone in the shop in fact.

I saw a dark figure creeping in the corner of my eyes, it was approaching toward me slowly. As soon as I took a step back, trying to take a good look at it.

But, I felt something cold and hard in my chest.. As I tilt my head downwards, my vision was getting fuzzy, I saw a dagger had been stabbed into my chest. My shirt was blood-soaked and I dropped onto the floor. The next moment, an ice-cold hand grabbed my ankles and was being dragged away by a figure. I was unable to see clearly and everything went blank.

Then I woke up from the nightmare.
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Jan 27, 2019
IGN: Leaden


Its been 3 years hell now. I can't take it anymore. Long hours of MP everyday.

It all started one night, when sitting at that old desk that was in the long dark hallway of my house.

One long night, I began to have the feeling that something big was about to happen. Suddenly, I felt nothing... just a long overwhelming silence.

Where am I?... I thought. Oh no... I must've fallen asleep. How do I get out of here??

The last thing I remember was doing MP. How is it possible? Am I in the game?

At first it was exciting, but hours went by, even days. I was tired and I was very cold, everything was repeated over and over again. Escape didn't feel like an option.

Days later, before a chilling silence, I heard a creature at the end of the road that just told me... Welcome to your new life.


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Mar 24, 2020
IGN: Junies



This has been my 10th Halloween night in Maple World. Every year during this time, my Grandma Yeon will sit beside my bed and tell me this ONE same old tale about the "GHOST PARK" that appears at our Korean Folk Town once every decade on HALLOWEEN night. This year it is no different, the time has come when Grandma Yeon is starting to tell her story. With her warm voices, I'm starting to close my eyes and mesmerize into her story.

However, I'm starting to hear some blurry windy sound, which covers Grandma's voice. It then become more and more clearer and I opened my eyes!
I came back to my senses and realized I was lying on the ground. While I'm confused, I whispered to myself "I was suppose to be in my bed, listening to Grandma's tale, where am I?",

I get back up and look around, this place somehow look like a Korean Town but there's no one around. While looking around, I felt a sudden sense of creepiness! I saw a sign board, with the word "GHOST PARK" written on it !! I'm starting to get nervous and talking to myself, "This must be a joke, am I inside my Grandma's tale?!"

Before getting the chance to calm down, I saw a HUGE CAT on top of the sign board blinking eyes and looking at me! Without any hesitation, I ran toward the house behind me. *BANG!* I closed the door. Finally I'm able to be at ease or that's what I thought, when I turned around, I saw some white color stuff, lights I thought, but when I looked closer... "I AM DOOMED! This is exactly what Grandma's tell me every year!!" is what came through my mind!

Hard to believe but I'm seeing ghosts in Korean Hanbok! And at the same time, they have noticed my existence and are swarming up onto me! Before I realized as I was struggling from these ghosts... I've become a ghost as well, seeing myself without hands nor legs and floating mid air, tears were about to pour down from my eyes...

But again this time, I'm starting to hear my Grandma's voices calling out for me, and I'm truly awake now. Lucky enough, it was all just a dream.
I heard some noises coming out near the windows, I turned around and saw a white color stuff flew by!!!

- THE END -​
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Jun 15, 2019
United State
IGN: Ezarah
Image: Content: A long time ago, there was a man name Blake who worked in different states from his hometown. He rented a very cheap room and he's been doing overtime until midnight 2-3 a.m in order to make more money. Every day when he back from work, he will pass by his neighbor even though it's midnight. Blake's neighbor is a girl, but to be honest he not sure because what he saw is only long hair and covered the face, hanging down the head and pass by Blake.

One day, he got off work earlier and went back to his room to watch tv. He noticed that there is a TINY HOLE behind the tv and it's connecting to the next door. Blake is driven by curiosity and make him walk near to the hole. He started to look into the hole because he wanted to know how is the girl looks like. When Blake looking through the hole, what he saw is just something RED and he has no idea what it is. Blake feels puzzled, he is enchanted and keeps going to look into the hole every day because what he can see every time is just something RED, and can't see anything more than that.

The other day, *
slam*. This is from the room beside and Blake came out quickly, he saw the owner is locking the door. Blake immediately asks the owner-->>

Blake: Where is the girl inside the room? Is she moved out?
*sigh*. It is so unfortunate that the girl who rented this room suffered from a serious illness and passed away...
Blake: Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that.

The owner feels something weird and wanted to say but bite his word back.

Blake: What happened on earth?
Owner: Just feel weird that the eye of that girl is

*Creepy BGM*


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Oct 5, 2020
IGN: Inarin


I often sit on my bed, staring into the dark, too afraid to fall asleep. I hear them coming. I know they're coming. As the light fades, I hear a slight ringing in my ears that gradually gets louder. The noise reverberates throughout my body, especially near my head. I felt an enormous ramping pressure, as if something was trying to take over.

Something . . . demonic.

As I gaze around my room, pitch-black shadows with piercing crimson gazes slowly manifest around me. It felt like I was trapped between the unconscious and conscious world. As if I was neither awake or asleep. I was imprisoned within a veil of animosity, malice, and spite. My senses were overwhelmed. I couldn't move or open my mouth to let the screams out. I was at their mercy, entangled in the shadows, suffocating helplessly inside the pitch-black aura of the dreadful entities for what seemed like an eternity.

To this day, they continue to lurk just beyond the unending darkness, becoming increasingly frequent and frightening as of late.

I don't know what it is. My imagination? Something supernatural? Dreams?

I don't care.

I just want the voices to stop, but . . .

. . . it never ends.
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May 9, 2019
IGN: Erratum


First day of classes, Sky was dark, pouring rain, and trembling thunder. Newly enrolled at University, fresh after High School. Didn’t know anyone and have no idea if the classes were suspended.

Since it’s first day, being a diligent person that I am, still decided to attend. Commute to the University was 2 hours.
There were only a few students and staff on the entrance, lights were dimmed. Eavesdropped, class were indeed suspended.

Climbed 3 flights to check the classroom. I saw a few students and the teacher inside. Sneaked in, if they’re checking attendance, found a way to sit in the back, I was late.

No one was speaking, the teacher was blankly staring at the board. Murmured in a grim voice: “what are you doing?”. I glanced on my schedule to check, all of them looking at me unflinching. Heart pounding, I couldn’t move.

Thunder blared and electricity went out. With an ominous faint light from the sky; They’re all gone.

I hurriedly stood up through the door, it was locked.
Bawling, knocking with all energy I can muster. “Help me!”

Fainted from sheer fear, Insidious whisper bequeath me

“you can never leave..”
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Jul 9, 2019
IGN: yseul



It was dark and that sentimental feeling is back.

Fifteen minutes into an isolated town, I came across a forlorn figure that looks like my mother at the nearest building.
That building was old and broken.

Out of fear, I entered a room inside the building and I sensed that there was 'something' watching me.
There stood a rocking chair in the center of the room but it never creaks.
Instinctively, I approached the chair but I could feel drops of blood dripping from the ceiling.
My heart started to race but my legs refused to move.

She chuckled at my attempt trying to flee.
Like a beast, she pounced onto me and tilted my neck.
All I felt was her tongue seeking for my blood arteries, savoring every moment.

'Mother...', I whimpered.

It was when the laughter slowly turns into sobbing.

She'd hanged herself out of guilt in the building that we used to live.
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Oct 24, 2020
IGN: Mipurple

3.10AM: As I was doing dailies, AriesMS froze… the fourth time today – each lasting longer before disconnecting.

3.13AM: It’s still frozen. I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del but nothing happened. Suddenly, my character’s head started turning, staring straight at me.

3.15AM: AriesMS suddenly ran again, but my character was still standing there, looking blankly at me. “I’m probably just seeing things…” I reassured myself. But I was panicking.

3.16AM: I tried to type but nothing appeared. Desperately, I turned off the power, but my computer was still on!

3.17AM: Something grabbed me and slammed my face down. Everything went black.

3.30AM: My eyes opened unsteadily as I winced from the pain. Slowly, I realised I was no longer in my room. The air smelled musty; the surroundings looked strange, almost… pixelated.

3.32AM: In the distance, I noticed a small screen and my eyes filled with dread… it was me in the screen, slumped on the table.

3.33AM: Slowly, I got up, face bloodied… but I was smiling? It was a wide, eerie grin, and my fear was welling up. That wasn’t me.

3.34AM: I started walking uncontrollably. Suddenly, a screen of text appeared: Are you sure you want to quit?

-Everything goes black-
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Jul 17, 2018
Dragon's Cave
"Jason was at his 12th solo attempt on a game boss but failed short of 10 seconds. Prior to this, he had been discussing character builds with Jasper to optimize it perfectly for the achievement. Now sitting in his room as a portrait, his brother had lost his life to a drunk driver on their way to dinner last week.

At 3 AM, what seemed to be sound effects from the game woke him up from his slumber. In his blurry state, he thought he was mistaken and went back to sleep as he was meeting his project mates in 4 hours.

As the rest of the dorm were on overseas exchange, Jason invited them over to finish up the project and celebrate the coming of the holidays. His project mates settled down in the living room while he walked towards his room to place his belongings. Within the split second of opening his room door, his chair swayed a little, and displayed on his computer screen, was the achievement for the solo boss completion.

There were white smudges on his keyboard, but on specific letters that spelled "thank you". Since then, Jason stopped playing that game."

Happy Halloween!
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