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Jul 24, 2018

I decide to make a guide for the people who join this server recently and unable to fund themselves.

These suggestions are from my point of view, and this is my very first time writing this thread to help the new players out there.
So, please be easy on me!

Hello, all newbies out there! (9`・ω・)9

First. I would like to concentrate on newbies that had yet to reach lvl200.
* I would strongly recommend that all of you try your best to level to 200 as the real journey to earning your income(meso) starts here!
*The reason why I say so is because you can do fresh party quest(fpq)to meso earning by selling pq points. (* use the points to exchange item at the shop on you right *)

There is some leveling guide that you can refer here and I personally think leveling to 200 is a priority to help yourself gear up with better gears and start earning your meso.

Guides on how to level in a more efficient way can be refer here:

If you manage to reach level 200 by training yourself in evolution lab or leeching from someone, I hope these tips will help you get some idea on how to earn meso and improve your gameplay after 200! (*Leeching spots: Kerning Tower, Efes2, Eapples and etc. *)

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There are three way for newbie to earn meso efficiently

fresh party quest ,monster park run or skill service .


Fresh Party Quest

Fresh party quest means that you have not yet done any party quest and able to do full run with other players. Not fresh party (PQ) quest only counts if you experience disconnection or been kicking out from party because of bad behavior (e.g. Slacking and not cooperative.

the newbies who reach lvl 200 I would recommend you do fresh party quest . I believe this could be the most efficient way to earn some meso if you don’t have damage.

There are 5 party quest that you can join.(*ALL of the below counted as FPQ)
(either 1 done at least 1 round counted as not fresh)

Romeo & Juliet (8 round)

Orbis Party Quest (3 round)

Ludibrium Party Quest (5 round)

Ellin Party Quest (3 round)

Escape Party Quest (3 round)

Before you join any fresh party quest, I would recommend you watch some tutorial on how to do these runs. One single mistake can cause a delay for the whole run (Note: Teams prefer max 1h -1h 30min run) .By doing all these 5 party quest ,you will have enough points to buy Superior Shielding ward, Gold Bonus Potential Stamps ,Silver Bonus Potential Stamps and Shield ward to sell. You may also make a mule for yourself to do fresh party quest for extra income.
Price: Superior Shielding Ward is 200M
Stamps(Gold base P is 200M)
Silver base P is 160-180M)
Shield Ward price: unknown
Price fluctuate according to demand

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Monster Park coin run (*max dmg needed 100k)

You need to have enough damage to 1 hit mobs or else keep doing the fresh party quest till you have some nice damage.

Monster Park coin run is another alternative way to earn meso. You can get the tickets to do the run (TIGER ticket is preferred). TIGER ticket is the ticket you should farm and you can get it from mutant pig in Future Henesys. I would recommend farming more than 1000 pieces so you able to do more runs. After having all your tickets, you are ready to go <3!

But! Wait!!!!! you can't go in like that. I sure you won't earn much because the coin you earn and the meso you earn are not very desirable .

Make sure you have these before you start a monster park coin run. By having these 3 thing ,I'm sure your monster park coin run would be worth it and whole lot more fun.

Mesos obtain potential line (optional)
Item drop rate line( on item if only have 1 line potential)

One pet vacuum (cost 150 dp )

2x drop rate/meso obtain coupon (purchase using vp)

I would suggest that you either buy an accessory that has drop rate potential line and also meso obtain potential line or you could even cube the accessory yourself with red cube. You may get the accessories from bosses like zakum, horntail, hilia and many more.
(Accessory to get drop, meso rate: Necklace, shoulder, 4 rings, belt, Face and eye)

Get a drop rate familiar is also a must if you do monster park run.

Where to get these familiar cards. (* 3 Pig, 3 spider and 1 Daimyo recommend)

Mutant pig familiar card (Suspicious Hill ,Dreamy Forest Trail)
Big Spider familiar card (Eldestein , Shaft 2)

False Daimyo (Zipangu: Tower Room)

Try to get your drop rate either 520 % or 600% (600% with drop rate familiar and 2x drop coupon)

600% would be the best for you to gain maximum monster park coin per run.

Mesos obtain should be like 400%, but it really depends. You can choose either get meso obtain line on your accessory or choose not to have it .

Getting a pet vacuum will also make your coin run goes smoothly, you don't have to go to that specific place to let your pet pick the coin up. By having pet vacuum, your pet will just grab them all themselves. yea! that's why it's call vacuum! You can either get pet vacuum by buying with donor points or purchase the point from other player. I would suggest buying a 24 hours pet vacuum would be more worth it because you can resell with the same price if you only doing like 2-3 hours.

Using 2x drop rate /mesos obtain is also a must for you if you are doing the monster park run for long hours. By having this coupon with drop rate familiar that has been activate with total maximum of three cards and drop gears/Mesos obtain accessories. You will earn more Mesos and coins during the run!

It is also essential to have 3 drop rate familiars so you can switch them if one of the familiar vitality has ended.

What can I buy with monster park coin?

Sapphire box (blue in color box, for star the gears)- 800 coins
Admin box (green in color box, for upgrade the gears) -800 coins

Shield scroll (to protect the slot been consume upon failing)- 100 coins

You can sell these items to other players and earn Mesos to buy better gear for yourself. However, the value of for both box has keep dropping. But, you can give it a try ! it's better than earning nothing. right? Your hard work will pay off one day and afford to buy yourself chaos root abyss set (CRA set) and tyrant sets.

✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  

Skill service

Some classes can earn Mesos by just selling their skill service like Holy Symbol (Bishop) , Kishin(Kanna) and also Friends of Arby(Beast Tamer)

Holy symbol(Active buff) and Friends of Arby (Passive buff) is an exp boost skill which has become a demand for every player to train with more exp .
Kishin however is a skill for that reduce the mob spawn time which is also help a lot of player to earn more exp as the mob keep spawning in a faster rate.

I would suggest creating them as mule, but if you really like to create them as your main if would be fine too because you may get free leech in terms of leveling. Mostly bishop gets more benefit and I think yea, it’s not a bad idea to main a bishop :)

* Remember, the service is based on hours and the price is different based on the buyer and seller itself. Please be honest if you are selling this service, it is highly recommend to always use @check to check server time with the seller so there is no conflict between both seller and buyer for the service.


I will also continue update my thread to help more new players to enjoy the game together! Feel free to drop your questions and problems here, don't be shy!

and hope you all enjoy reading my thread and point out if there is any mistake on it. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

Special thanks to my friend ,John who help me editing this thread !

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Jul 24, 2018
Can somebody tell me more about the 'skill service' method? Like at what level/gear/etc recommended to start it?
kinshin /hs you can use them once you acquire the level that eligible to use the skill for the class .No gear recommended ,try to max out the skill if it needs some skill book to make the skill lvl max.
I believe that kinshin (kanna)/hs(bishop) is available once you hit 3rd job .Another one is beast tamer cat skill , i believe you can acquire the party exp buff skill (cat skill) once you hit the require lvl .Go to your skill tab to see the require lvl to activate the skill .
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260% i.e. 8 lines of 20% drop rate
thank you for assisting ^^