Guide to do hchuchu properly


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May 12, 2019
Seeing way too many people not knowing how to do hchuchu at all and failing or doing it way too slowly when it should be easy to get S rank nearly every time.

1. Leave around 12 or more of each mob alive except the items you are banking on before turning in all items. This assures you can make mistakes of collecting 60 because without any buffer you absolutely need to pick up all items and if one disappears you might as well leave. It will speed up collection of the next round as well. Tell roamer to stop killing your mobs if your roamer is mindlessly clearing mobs.
2. Mid should bank on teeth. This is the hardest item to collect quickly as mobs can stack to the right and it becomes difficult to pick up all the items. Left and right should also bank on items for next round if they are finished.
3. Kill in groups of 2-3 and pick up all items. Do not use gigantic AoE abilities that instantly clears all mobs as items may disappear.
4. Roamer should help collect items where one person has to collect multiple different items. Otherwise roamer is to cut down mob population to around 12 when somebody has to collect 48 or more items.
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