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Hi there!
Have some burning questions about our server? Refer below! To find your question with ease, use the Search function on your browser or press Ctrl + F and type in your search. Alternatively, you may click on the following topics listed and go straight to the related post.

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Server Information
Game Information

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Server Information

When did AriesMS officially launch?
AriesMS was launched on March 14, 2016.

Where can I find the official staff list?
We do not have an official thread with a list of our staff, but you may view them [here].

What is Elluel Network?
Elluel Network is the name of our collective team, currently only consisting of AriesMS Staff.

Did Elluel Network used to host other servers under its management?
Yes, we used to have additional servers but they are no longer available.

Is multi-client allowed/possible in AriesMS?
No, multi-clienting is forbidden and/or disabled in AriesMS.

What are the rates for AriesMS?
EXP 8x, MESO 6x, DROP 4x

What are the classes available for creation?
You may refer to the following list of classes available:


  • Hero
  • Paladin
  • Dark Knight
  • Fire/Poison Mage
  • Ice/Lightning Mage
  • Bishop
  • Bowmaster
  • Marksman
  • Pathfinder
  • Night Lord
  • Shadower
  • Blade Master
  • Corsair
  • Buccaneer
  • Cannon Master
  • Jett
Cygnus Knights
  • Dawn Warrior
  • Blaze Wizard
  • Wind Archer
  • Night Walker
  • Thunder Breaker
  • Mihile
  • Mercedes
  • Aran
  • Phantom
  • Luminous
  • Evan
  • Shade
  • Blaster
  • Battle Mage
  • Wild Hunter
  • Xenon
  • Mechanic
  • Demon Slayer
  • Demon Avenger
  • Kanna
  • Hayato
  • Kaiser
  • Angelic Buster
  • Cadena
  • Illium
  • Ark
  • Adele
  • Beast Tamer
  • Ho Young
  • Pink Bean
  • Zero
  • Kinesis
How do I purchase donation points?
You can log-in on the website then select the 'Purchase' option via the navigation panel or you may follow a step-by-step guide [here].

Where can I spend my donation points?
Donation points in AriesMS are referred to as Aries Points. You may spend your Aries Points in the Aries Points Shop via Cygnus NPC located in the Free Market or the 'Aries or Vote Points Shop' option via the Universal NPC.

What are the accepted modes of payment?
PayPal is the only accepted mode of payment at the current time.

Is AriesMS region-limited?
No, we accept all players from around the world. Though the connection may vary, we do not have such limitations preventing access to our network despite the region. There is, however, region limitations for the usage of Nexon Launcher for installation purposes.

What are the custom features/adjustments in AriesMS?
As much as we strive to stay as close to GMS as possible, there are various aspects that make us unique.
You may refer to the following for a list of custom features and/or adjustments:

  • Paragon Levels
  • Monster Park Extreme
  • Hekaton
  • Availability of Pink Bean, Beast Tamer and Zero classes
  • Kanna Adjustments
    • Reduction of drop, meso and NX gain from Kishin Shoukan summon
    • Increased Kishin Shoukan summon duration from 30 to 90 seconds & improved respawn rate
  • Boss Cooldowns
What are Paragon Levels?
Paragon is a custom leveling system available to all players after reaching Level 275 that entails extra stats, benefits, and advantages in-game. Players are able to reach a total of 100 Paragon Levels including additional stat bonuses that players may allocate depending on preference and/or priority. For more information about Paragon and its features, you may refer to our Paragon Revamp with [Phase 1] & [Phase 2] & [Phase 3].

What is a Prestige Status?
Prestige Status is an in-game 30-day temporary character status achieved by purchasing the status with 1,000 Aries Points via Cygnus NPC. Players with the Prestige Status will be able to receive the following bonuses:

  • 30-day Respawn Pass, Buff Freezer & Safety Charm (with infinite usage throughout the entire duration)
  • Summon Duration +20%
  • Buff Duration +15%
  • MP Cost -10%
  • Special prefix title (e.g. [Awesome])
  • MVP Daily & Monthly Rewards
What is MVP?
MVP refers to Maple Value Points and is an additional in-game status where players can acquire (in AriesMS which was implemented during an update on August 1, 2018) from achieving the Prestige status. Players can then claim rewards depending on the MVP Rank achieved. For more information on MVP Status and Rewards, you may refer to this thread [here].

How is Monster Park Extreme a custom feature?
Monster Park Extreme was previously removed by GMS; but with popular demand, we have brought it back with adjusted coin/potion drops.

What does the availability of Pink Bean, Beast Tamer and Zero classes mean?
These classes can only be created during limited-time periods in GMS, wherein Aries, they are permanently available for players.

Why does Kishin Shoukan reduce drop, meso, and/or NX gain?
This adjustment was made after a thorough review, where the original state of the skill upset the balance of the economy in AriesMS.

What are the adjustments made for boss cooldowns?
In AriesMS, boss cooldowns are significantly reduced than in GMS. You may refer to the following for the list of boss cooldowns for each boss:

  • Easy Zakum": 2x per reset
  • Normal Zakum: 2x per reset
  • Chaos Zakum: 2x per 2 resets
  • Easy Papulatus: 1x per reset
  • Normal Papulatus: 1x per reset
  • Chaos Papulatus: 1x per 2 resets
  • Easy Horntail: 2x per reset
  • Normal Horntail: 2x per reset
  • Chaos Horntail: 2x per reset
  • Easy / Normal / Hard Von Leon: 1x per reset
  • Easy"/ Normal Arkarium: 1x per reset
  • Normal Pink Bean: 1x per reset
  • Chaos Pink Bean: 1x per reset
  • Normal Hilla: 2x per reset
  • Hard Hilla: 2x per reset
  • Easy Cygnus: 1x per reset
  • Normal Cygnus: 1x per reset
  • Easy Magnus: 1x per reset
  • Normal Magnus: 1x per reset
  • Hard Magnus: 1x per 2 resets
  • Normal Root Abyss: 1x per reset
  • Chaos Root Abyss: 1x per 2 resets
  • Normal Ranmaru: 1x per reset
  • Hard Ranmaru: 1x per reset
  • Ursus: 3x per reset
  • OMNI-CLN: 1x per reset
  • Princess No: 1x per reset
  • Easy / Normal / Hard / Hell Gollux^: 1x per reset
  • Easy Lotus: 1x per reset
  • Normal Lotus: 1x per 2 resets
  • Hard Lotus: 1x per 2 resets
  • Easy Damien: 1x per reset
  • Normal Damien: 1x per 2 resets
  • Hard Damien: 1x per 2 resets
  • Easy Lucid: 1x per reset
  • Normal Lucid: 1x per 2 resets
  • Hard Lucid: 1x per 2 resets
  • Easy Will: 1x per 2 resets
  • Normal Will: 1x per 2 resets
  • Hard Will: 1x per 2 resets
Boss modes noted with the quotation mark (") do not award Reward Points upon completion. Gollux (^) allows up to 1 entry where the number of body parts eliminated will determine the difficulty of the boss: Easy = 3 parts, Normal = 2 parts, Hard = 1 part, Hell = 0 parts.

As a new player, how do I begin and where can I find the guides that will help me the most?
First and foremost, welcome to AriesMS. You may refer to the following list for a comprehensive list of threads/guides for newer players:

How quickly does AriesMS update to the latest version of Global MapleStory (if there are new patches)?
Depending on the type of patch content, minor patches range from approximately several days to weeks, and major patches may require a significantly longer time ranging from approximately several weeks to month(s). The time delay is used to update game content and/or verify the stability of such updates.
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Game Information

How do I vote?
You may refer to our Voting Guide [here] detailing two method(s) of voting.

How do I sell Vote Points (VP)?
The points itself cannot be traded, thus, you will need to purchase the item that the buyer desires then trade the item to the buyer via the trade window.

Why is the 'Create Character' option disabled?
The option requires some loading to be enabled. Allow it some time and the option will be available.

How can I view the list of commands in-game?
You may view the list by typing @help.

How do I travel?
Type @towns or access the Travel NPC via Quick Move with the Intercontinental Station option.

I accidentally lost/dropped/deleted my item/character, can I get it back?
No, we do not provide compensation for such cases.

How do I check what monsters/bosses drop a particular item?
You may type @drops <item name> in-game to view a list of sources to acquire a particular item/s (e.g. @drops mushroom cap).

How do I view a summary of my character's information or cumulative points?
Type @check in-game to view information such as current server time, accumulated points (e.g. Vote Points, Reward Points, PQ Points or Aries Points), drop/meso percentage value, and even your ping or Attack Speed.

What is the daily/boss reset / What time is the boss reset?
The daily/boss reset occurs at 09:00 AM PST / 08:00 PDT every day. Daily reset is an occurrence in which all activities with limited time entries and/or cooldowns will be reset. This includes boss runs, daily quests and/or PQs (including Commerci), and daily achievements. Some activities may require more than a single daily reset in order to be accessible once more. Typing @check in-game is a quick and easy way to view the amount of time left to the daily reset.

Where can I purchase potions?
You may purchase the potions you need via any Potion Shop in any location or a dedicated All-in-One shop with 'Miu Miu the Travelling Merchant'. Miu Miu is a portable shop that can be found in the Cash Shop under Event > Maple Rewards section for 100 Reward Points lasting a total of 90 days. (NOTE: There are certain Android types that have a built-in All-in-One shop similar to Miu Miu)

How do I change the look of my character?
You may adjust the look of your character's face and hair via Big Headward NPC located in the Free Market or in Quick Move. Each regular change for face, hair or color changes for both costs 500,000 mesos. Royal Hair Coupons can be purchased in the Aries Point Shop for 350 points each to be used to Big Headward for a single usage of your Royal Hair preference. Alternatively, you may purchase a one-time fee at 1500 points (or 1200 points for Androids) for unlimited Royal Hair usage and/or changes.

How do I expand the number of Beauty Salon slots available for my character?
You can unlock more slots with Beauty Album Hair/Face Slot Coupon(s) that can be purchased for 250 Aries Points via the Aries Point Shop.

What is SSB?
SSB is short for Surprise Style Box. They are gachapon-style boxes that reward permanent NX upon opening them and can be purchased in the Cash Shop for 20,000 NX.

Where can I find SSBs in the Cash Shop?
They are located at the bottom as soon as you enter the Cash Shop.

Can I suggest items for SSB?
Yes, you may refer to this thread [here] on how you can go about suggesting items to be added. Each player is subjected to TWO suggestions each; where suggesting an item does not guarantee that it will be added and is at the discretion of the staff in-charge.

Is there a thread for the list of items for SSB?
You may view the current and previous lists for SSB [here]. Do note that the list will only update within 1-2 weeks after a new rotation has been added to the game; this is to retain the "surprise" factor for the boxes.

Why do I not have Character Cards / What happened to Character Cards?
Character Cards were replaced by a new feature known as Legion. For more information about Legion, you may refer to Ayumilove's Legion Guide HERE.

How do I equip/use 3 pets / How do I equip/use multiple pets?
You will acquire the skill that allows usage of 3 pets concurrently when you reach Level 200 on the character.

How do I revive an expired pet?
You may purchase a Water of Life from the VP Shop for 10 Vote Points.

Can I convert a time-limited pet into a permanent one?
Yes, you may purchase a Premium Water of Life via the Aries Point Shop for 300 points and consume it to apply the permanent effect.

How often can I interchange my link skills with different characters?
You may swap the link skills between your characters as much as you'd like, as there are no cooldowns upon switching. The prior cooldowns have been completely removed from a recent update.

Where can I get Mastery Books?
You can acquire them from a list of methods:
Where do I acquire Old Maple Coins/Time Coins?
Old Maple Coins are a universal drop from any monster (excluding bosses) in regular channels only. Time Coins are the universal drop from any monster (excluding bosses) in elite channels. Both coins can be spent in the Special Shop NPC located above the Free Market Entrance.

Where do I spend Tempest Coins?
Tempest Coins are acquired from boss drops and can be spent on the Safe Cracker NPC located at the Event Map. You may access the Event Map via the Event Map option in Quick Move.

Where do I acquire Legends Awards Coins?
You may acquire them by participating and/or winning auto events. You may or may not receive Legends Awards Coins from GM events, depending on the discretion of the staff hosting it.

How often do auto events occur?
Auto events occur once every 3 hours in a random channel each time. Type @event in-game within the particular channel to join the event.

Where do I spend Legends Awards Coins?
You may spend them via Valerie NPC located in the Free Market.

How/where do I acquire Damage Skins?
You may purchase damage skins from the following sources:
  • Aries Point Shop option (via Cygnus NPC)
  • Valerie NPC
  • Pub NPC (Party Point Merchant)
  • Lao NPC (Mu Lung Dojo Point Shop)
  • Seasonal Event Shop(s)
Alternatively, collecting all crowns awards you with Crown Damage Skin.

How/where do I acquire crowns?
Crowns can be created with 10 [Crown Fragments]. You may create them by double-clicking the fragments. You may view a list of your crowns or manage them from the 'Check your Crowns' option via the Universal NPC in Quick Move.

How do I achieve a regular potential on my item?
You may use a Potential Scroll or Tim's Secret Lab to add a regular potential to your item.

Can potential scrolls destroy my item?
Regular potential scrolls do not destroy your item, even if it fails. Bonus potential scrolls have a chance of destroying your item should it fail, and an additional prompt can be seen upon usage warning you of the risks.

How do I increase the number of lines on my regular potential?
You may use Premium Miracle Cubes, Revolutionary Miracle Cubes, and/or Potential Stamps to increase the lines for a regular potential. Premium Miracle Cubes can only be used on items with Rare to Unique tier potentials, where if your items' regular potential lines are lesser than 3 and are at Legendary tier, you will need to use either Revolutionary Miracle Cubes or Potential Stamps. Premium Cubes and Revolutionary Miracle Cubes can be found in the [Cash Shop] (via the 'Enhance' section) and Potential Stamps can be found in the [Monster Park shop] via Laku NPC. Alternatively, Premium Miracle Cubes can also be found in the Special Shop NPC (via the 'Open the Normal Shop' option) [in Freemarket] with Old Maple Coins.

What cubes are most commonly used to cube regular potentials?
You may use Red Cubes for regular potentials as they can be acquired from multiple sources. You can acquire them as a universal drop from monsters (elite or normal), purchase via the Cash Shop with NX, Special Shop NPC with Old Maple Coins or MP Shop with MP Coins.

How do I achieve a bonus potential on my item?
You may use a Bonus Potential Scroll to add a bonus potential to your item. They can be found in the Cash Shop, acquired as a quest reward, or awarded for reaching Level 170 on a character.

How do I increase the number of lines on my bonus potential?
You may use a Bonus Potential Stamp to increase the lines on a bonus potential. Bonus Potential Stamps can be purchased from the PQ Shop located at the Party Quest Entrance. You may access the Party Quest Entrance via the Party Quest Entry option under Dimensional Mirror in Quick Move.

What cubes are most commonly used to cube bonus potentials?
You may use Bonus Potential Cubes as they are currently the only cubes available for bonus potentials.
They can be acquired from monster drops (in Lion King's Castle), purchased via the Cash Shop with NX or Special Shop NPC (above the Free Market Entrance) with Time Coins.

Is there a meso/drop cap / What is the maximum amount of meso/drop I can achieve?
Both meso and drop percentage (%) values have a soft cap where any additional value exceeding the soft caps are less than significant and will not make much of a difference. Meso is capped at 400% and drop is capped at 600%. The values are inclusive of server-wide meso/drop multiplier events.

How do I unlock my Inner Ability?
You may do so by clicking the [Lightbulb UI] (to the left of your screen window) and select the quest, 'The Eye Opener' as shown [here].

How do I achieve a Legendary tier on my Inner Ability?
You can acquire Legendary tier from using Miracle Circulator(s) that can be purchased in the Cash Shop (via Event > Maple Rewards Shop option); OR reset the abilities with Honor Points that subsequently results in a Legendary tier. Usage of Miracle Circulators does not degrade the ability tier.

Where do I acquire Honor EXP to reset the stats for my Inner Ability?
The quickest way to earn Honor EXP is from [Masked Gentleman's Medal of Honor(s)] that only drop from bosses. Double-click them to consume them for approximately 1,000+ Honor EXP. Alternatively, regular monsters also drop [Medal of Honor(s)] that can be picked up where Honor EXP will be instantly credited.

What Inner Abilities do I need for my character?
Different classes require different abilities and/or stats. For game advice, you may ask them in our Discord server in the #general channel.

How do I read the Attack Speed value?
The Attack Speed value can be found via typing @check in-game, where the lower the number refers to quicker the speed. Attack Speed can also be found as a stat on Inner Abilities.

What is the Daily Party Quest (PQ)?
The Daily Party Quest is a selective list of party quests with a limit per reset that not only award players with Party Quest Points but Nebulite Fusion Ticket fragments as well. It is also most commonly referred to as FPQ for Fresh PQ, pertaining to a fresh run of the party quests.

What level do I need to be to participate in a PQ?
You may participate in a party quest so as long as you meet the level requirement for each party quest. However, most players participate in party quests from Level 200 and above, and party members are required to be at maximum 20 levels above or below the Party Leader.

What level do I need to be in order to leech EXP?
In order to be able to leech EXP, your character level can only be maximum 5 levels lesser than the monster's level (e.g. Monster Level: 115, Character Level: 110).

How/where can I acquire Nebulite Boxes?
Nebulite Boxes are a universal drop from regular monsters in both regular and elite channels.

How/where do I acquire Reward Points (RP)?
Reward Points can be acquired from killing Elite Monsters, Elite Bosses, or bosses in general. Elite Monsters are a larger version of the original monster that randomly spawns after a period of time, and has a chance to drop Red Cubes, Spell Trace and/or Mastery Books upon defeating it. Elite Bosses are knight-type mini-bosses that spawn randomly in monster maps and are much stronger than the average capable player; defeating one will activate a Bonus Stage where players will have an opportunity to acquire various rewards from the falling 'bubbles'.

Why does my Reward Points not show the correct points value that I have?
Reward Points acquired from their respective sources will need to be credited via the Cash Shop in order to be used or be reflected in the @check points value.

Where can I acquire/purchase a Maple Leaf/Cygnus Emblem?
You will be awarded one after reaching Level 200 via [Gift Drop]. Alternatively, you may purchase them via the Achievements Shop with Reward Coins.

How do I acquire Reward Coins?
You can acquire them from completing achievements. Achievements are separated into one-time achievements and daily achievements. You may view a list of them via the Achievements NPC.

What are elite channels and which channels are they?
Elite channels are located from Channel 11 to 15 and contain monsters with increased levels, HP and EXP than of regular channels.

Where can I use the Maple Leaf?
You can use them via Belle NPC located in the Free Market.

How many Maple Leaves do I need per level?
You may refer to [this] chart for the quantities required. Please be advised not to use the leaves all at once, as the EXP does not accumulate and will award less than the actual EXP intended.

Where can I acquire 'Black' secondaries?
You can purchase them for 30,000 Maple Leaves and 100,000,000 mesos under the 'Onyx Maple' option via Belle NPC.

How do I unseal my heart?
Un-equip both your heart and Android, then equip the heart to remove the lock status. Locked statuses cannot be removed from Androids at the current time until the glitch has been resolved.

Does using an Innocence Scroll on an item remove additional slots from Aries Points?
No, usage of Innocence Scrolls retains slots added with Aries Points.

Does upgrading my heart retain the stats and potential?
Only upgrades from Superior Lidium Heart onwards with the Aries Points Shop retains all stats, slots, potentials, and nebulites where they will be brought forward to the upgraded heart-type.

How do I make a piece of equipment tradeable?
You may do so via the Universal NPC with a Platinum Scissors of Karma and 10,000,000 mesos.

How do I trade items using trade commands within the trade window?
You may either type @tradehelp within the trade window to view a list of commands available or refer to the following depending on the item type of each tab or for points:
  • Equip tab: @offerequip <quantity> <item name>
  • Use tab: @offeruse <quantity> <item name>
    • Only the following items under the Use tab are tradeable via command:
      • Super Scroll
      • Star Force Super Scroll (1-15)
      • Basic Gollux Scroll
      • Advanced Gollux Scroll
      • Random Beauty Coupon
  • Setup tab: @offersetup <quantity> <item name>
  • Cash tab: @offercash <quantity> <item name>
    • Pets are not tradeable
  • Aries Points: @offerpoint <quantity>
  • NX Cash: @offernx <quantity>
Certain items with the item description of 'Transferrable Within Account' may not be tradeable via trade commands. To verify if a certain item can be traded, you may test it with a friend or clarify it with players in our Discord server of the #general channel.

How do I list an NX equipment in Auction House?
NX equipment, if equipped once purchasing it directly from the Cash Shop or acquired from the SSB, will need to be made tradeable via the Universal NPC with a Platinum Scissors of Karma and 10,000,000 mesos in order to be listed in the Auction House. You may alternatively use the @offerequip command within the trade window to trade an NX equipment without making it tradeable.

Is there a maximum price an item can be listed in the Auction House?
Yes, the maximum price per listing is 29,999,999,999 mesos (29.9b; or rounded up to 30b).

Is there a limit as to how much mesos a character can hold in their inventory?
No, there is no limit. However, once the value reaches a certain point, the visual values will not display the accurate amount due to the character limit of the inventory display.

Why can't I accept/complete a particular quest?
Most quests are not coded, excluding quests relating to progression, job advancement or bosses. If you are certain that the particular quest is coded, type @ea in-game to debug your character and try again. For the Commerci quest, "Come Back Here", you may ignore it and look for the quest, "Get Rich Quick" in your [Lightbulb UI].

Why does my Cadena/Illium not have any quests available?
Both of these classes require players to complete all available class-specific storyline quests in order to unlock all other quests. This prerequisite for other quests includes Evolution Lab quests, 5th Job Advancement quests, etc.

How do I get advanced as a Cannoneer?
After leaving the island, you will be teleported to a room in Nautilus. Exit the current room that you are in, navigate to the top (3rd) floor, then enter the leftmost room and speak to Kyrin NPC.

Can I switch classes within the same character?
Only Adventurers have the ability to swap classes within their class-type (e.g. Night Lord to Blade Master). You may speak to your 4th Job Advancement NPC where players will be required to pay a fee depending on the character's level.

What is the name of the Sengoku set for my class-type?
You may refer to the following list for the Sengoku set names for each class-type:
  • Warrior: Amaterasu
  • Magician: Ame-no-Uzume
  • Bowman: Oyamatsumi
  • Thief: Tsukuyomi
  • Pirate: Susano-o
How/where do I acquire Sengoku/Japanese equipment?
Sengoku equipment drops from the boss, Madman Ranmaru at random and is dependent on your DROP percentage (%) value. The boss also has a chance to drop Scarlet Ring, and/or Lightning God Ring. Madman Ranmaru refers to Ranmaru boss on Hard difficulty.

What is the name of the Tyrant equipment for my class-type?
You may refer to the following list for the Tyrant equipment names for each class-type:
  • Warrior: Tyrant Hyades
  • Magician: Tyrant Hermes
  • Bowman: Tyrant Charon
  • Thief: Tyrant Lycaon
  • Pirate: Tyrant Altair
How/where do I acquire Tyrant equipment?
Tyrant capes, belts, and shoes are acquired as a drop from Magnus boss on Hard difficulty at random and are dependent on your Drop percentage (%) value. Tyrant gloves can be acquired by purchasing them via Keilbarren NPC located at Kritias: Marketplace with 400 Kritias Coins.

How/where do I acquire Kritias Coins?
Kritias Coins can be acquired from participating in Hekaton. The number of coins awarded is dependent on your overall damage towards the Hekaton boss, and is based on ranking.

What is Hekaton, and how do I participate in it?
Hekaton is a server-wide boss that occurs ever 6 hours in Kritias in Channel 1. You may speak to Blundell NPC located at Kingdom Road: Kritias to enter when it commences; be quick though, as only 50 players can participate in Hekaton each time. Hekaton has various mechanics to make it challenging and has different body parts that require participants to defeat before the core can be damaged in order to kill the Hekaton boss. Participants are required to defeat Hekaton within 30 minutes at the time of commencement, failure to defeat the boss will result in a 50% reduced amount of coins rewarded at the end of the activity. Players may collect their rewards (or coins) from Levian NPC located at Kingdom Road: Kritias, beside Blundell NPC.

What is the Kritias Invasion?
Kritias Invasion is an activity in conjunction with Hekaton that occurs every 3 hours. To participate, players are to wait at Kingdom Road: Kritias in Channel 1 where participants will be teleported after 5 minutes to a replicated instance of Kritias. Participants are then to defeat monsters in monster maps within the instance to either contribute damage or hunt for [Anti-magic Stone Piece(s)] that may drop from the monsters at random depending on your DROP percentage (%) value. Participants may view the damage value that they have contributed at the top of their screen window; a minimum of 1,500,000 damage contribution is required in order to be eligible for rewards. Invasion lasts for a total of 30 minutes, where players will then be teleported back to Kritias: Marketplace and will be credited with Anti-magic Stone Piece(s). The number of stone pieces awarded are dependent on the equipped Inverse Codex level and damage contribution value; where the top 5 players that contributed the most will benefit significantly higher than those of lesser contribution. Players are advised to refrain from AFK-ing during the activity and/or near to the end of the activity; lest you will not receive any rewards.

What is Inverse Codex used for?
Inverse Codex is a pocket item that can be purchased via Neilbarren NPC located at Kritias: Marketplace for 100 Kritias Coins. Stats on the Inverse Codex reduce in terms of level every week, where players are required to invest EXP into the item in order to maintain its level and stat values. Stats on the Inverse Codex are essential in assisting and/or providing players the damage they require to damage Hekaton efficiently. Anti-magic Stone Piece(s) acquired from Invasion are used to increase and/or maintain the Codex's level.

How do I activate the different difficulties for Gollux?
Gollux difficulties depend on the number of body parts that are left undefeated, refer to the following on how many parts are required to activate the mode of your preference:
  • Easy - 1 part
  • Normal - 2 parts
  • Hard - 3 parts
  • Hell - All (4) parts
Can I transfer Arcane Symbols to a different character or trade it?
Arcane Symbols can be transferred by using an Arcane Catalyst to convert the symbol into an item status where it can be transferred -- where only 80% of the total EXP will be retained. Arcane Catalyst(s) are currently available only in the Paragon Shop as of now.

Why am I unable to equip the Arcane Symbol acquired from Memory Keeper NPC along with the other symbols?
GMS discontinued the use of the original Arcane Symbol, also known as the "nameless" symbol. The only way to equip it with the other symbols is to equip all other symbols (excluding the "nameless"), then equip the original Arcane Symbol (in the final order) by typing the command @equipsymbol in-game. Should you receive new symbols from other areas of the Arcane River, you will need to repeat this process again in order to equip all of them at once.

How do I expand my Arcane Symbol slots?
Complete the entire Arcana questline and you will receive 3 more slots for you to equip more symbol types. In order to access the Arcana region, the completion of the quest, 'Decisive Battle' is required as part of the completion of the Lachelein region.

Where can I acquire Nodestones?
Nodestones are a universal drop within the Arcane River region in both regular and elite channels. Players are also awarded a 'Skill Nodestone' from Memory Keeper NPC upon completion of the 5th Job Advancement; and an 'Amazing Nodestone' (that grants the Rope Lift skill) from Black Mask NPC upon completion of the quest, Nightmare Clocktower 3F from the Lachelein questline.

Are Nodestones affected by 'Drop' percentage (%) values?
Nodestones are not affected by 'Drop' percentage (%) values. Usage of Kishin Shoukan also reduces the drop rate whether or not items are affected by 'Drop' percentage (%) values.

Are Skill Nodes within the V Matrix System character-based?
Yes, they are. Only the particular character may use, view or make changes to them.

How do I acquire more than 21 Character Slots?
At the current time, only a maximum of 21 Character Slots can be achieved via the Cash Shop in AriesMS. Should you wish to expand further you may refer to the following options:
  • Monster Collection (ONE per account)
  • Zero Dungeon (ONE per account)
  • Elite Bosses
  • Seasonal Events (up to 40 Character Slots)
What is an MP Box / Monster Park Box?
An MP Box can refer to either a 'Super Scroll' or a 'Star Force Super Scroll' that is purchased via the shop in Monster Park for 800 Monster Park Coins. Players can earn Monster Park Coins by participating in Monster Park and selling these boxes at the preference of the player purchasing them.

What is the difference between a 'Super Scroll' and a 'Star Force Super Scroll'?
A Super Scroll functions as an [actual scroll] and is commonly used as the main method in scrolling equipment. Super Scrolls can be used with all equipment except for Badges (e.g. Ghost Ship Exorcist). 'Star Force Super Scrolls' are used in conjunction with Starforce enhancements that prevents the destruction and degrading of an item during the enhancement process. Both 'Super Scroll' and 'Star Force Super Scroll' are single-use items. For more information about scrolling and/or enhancements, you may refer to the Scrolling Guide.

How much Aries Points do I need to expand all 7 slots of an item?
You will need a total of 7,000 Aries Points should you wish to expand all 7 slots of any item. The amount required for each expansion is 500/500/1,000/1,000/1,000/1,500/1,500 from the 1st to the 7th slot respectively.

How do I change my IGN (In-Game Name)?
You may proceed to the Event Map via Quick Move (or any town) and seek the Namechange NPC to change your IGN. Only IGNs that are currently available may be used. The first change costs 3,000,000,000 mesos along with 15,000 NX and where the amount of mesos required will increase for subsequent changes on the same character (NOTE: Players may only change into an IGN that is not presently being used; which means you cannot swap between IGNs if an IGN is currently on a character).

Why does the Zero questline not work? How do I acquire the link skills for Zero?
The questline for Zero is not coded, and you are not required to complete them in order to achieve the subsequent levels for Zero's link skills. In order to achieve the link skill levels for Zero, you need to level up your Zero character; you may refer to the following list on what levels are required for each level of the link skill:
  • Link level 1 will be obtained at level 110
  • Link level 2 will be obtained at level 130
  • Link level 3 will be obtained at level 160
  • Link level 4 will be obtained at level 190
  • Link level 5 will be obtained at level 210
There is currently a visual display glitch where viewing the link skill on the Zero itself shows up as Level 1 despite your character's level. This is completely normal and the level of the link skill will reflect as per your character's level on other characters.

What types of equipment can I acquire drop rate potential lines on?
You can acquire them from all types of accessories including Rings, Eye Accessory, Face Accessory, Earrings, Pendant, Belt & Shoulder/Epaulet. Drop rate potential lines may appear in more than a single line within a potential type (regular/bonus).

The level of the accessory item affects the maximum value of the drop rate line (at the Legendary tier for potentials):
  • Lv.1 to 30: +10%
  • Lv.31 to 70: +15%
  • Lv.71 and above: +20%
The same level to value scaling above applies for meso rate potential lines as well.

What are the drops unaffected by Drop Rate?
All universal drops (non-inclusive of Monster Park Coins) are not affected by drop rate multipliers. This is inclusive of Maple Leaf, Special Beauty Coupon, Spell Trace, Nebulite Box, Old Maple Coin, New Maple Coin, Red Cube, Bonus Potential Cube, Nodestone, Arcane Symbol. As an additional form of clarification, all quest-based drops are affected by drop rate multipliers (unless explicitly stated by a Staff).

Do familiars expire?
Yes, they do. The term 'expire' refers to familiars being removed from your Active Familiar window, and not summon duration. Depending on the number of [orbs] you had for a single familiar from 1, 2, and 3; they expire within [30 days], [60 days], and [90 days] respectively.

How long does it take for my familiar to recover?
Familiar downtime is significantly increased in AriesMS and is not indicative of what is displayed in the UI when a recovering familiar is clicked. In order to know how long a familiar takes to recover (in AriesMS), click the familiar until a [value] is given and divide the value by 5, which will be the 'x' amount of minutes for the recovery time. The initial value displayed on the prompt cannot be changed and is client-based.

What is a pet vac?
Pet vac is used as the '[Gagagucci]' item in-game and refers to 'pet vacuum', which is an item that gathers all your dropped items from monsters/bosses into your inventory like a vacuum. Pet vac(s) can be purchased from the Aries Point Shop for durations of 24 hours (at 150 Aries Points), 7 days (at 700 Aries Points), and 15 days (at 1,500 Aries Points). Double-click the pet vac to enable it for usage. Do note that regardless if a pet vac is enabled or disabled, the time will continue to run and the only exception is that if it is extended due to server maintenance.

What are equipment services (e.g. Abso/Arcane)?
Equipment services advertised as "abso/absolab service" or "arcane service" are players selling a specific range of equipment for example of "arcane weapon service" where "Arcane" refers to a certain tier of equipment, and "weapon" refers to the type of equipment. Equipment services span between four (4) different coins and their respective coin shops; Absolab Coin for Absolab equipment, Stigma Coin for Absolab equipment (especially shoulders), Phantasma Coin for Arcane Umbra equipment and Arachno Coin for Arcane Umbra equipment (especially shoulders). Do note that each coin is acquired with a different method than the other and has different coin requirements in their respective coin shops.

These coins are acquired by combining 2 different Etc items of a certain quantity each in exchange for the respective coin that will be labeled as Item A and Item B. Item A is usually acquired via the respective boss of that region on Easy difficulty (except for Stigma Coins). Item B is usually acquired via the respective bosses of that region on Normal and Hard mode difficulties.

Their respective exchanges are as follows:
Full equipment service refers to the sale of the respective equipment where the seller will provide both the required quantities for Item A and B. Partial equipment service refers to the sale of the respective equipment where the buyer will have to provide the required quantities for Item A to the seller, which will compensate for a portion of the full price, thus requiring a lower cost price than a full service.

The following details the methods of acquiring the exchange materials:
  • Diffusion-Line Energy Core (Grade A)
    • Easy Lotus (average of 7-13 per run depending on drop rate multiplier)
  • Extraordinary Energy Core (Grade S)
    • Normal Lotus (2 per run)
  • Faint Stigma Spirit Stone
    • Weekly Dark World Tree Quest
      • Total of 5 quests per week
      • Each quest completion rewards 2 Faint Stigma Spirit Stones
      • Completion of all 5 quests within the week grants you 2 bonus stones
  • Twisted Stigma Spirit Stone
    • Normal Damien (1 per run)
    • Hard Damien (1 per run)
  • Arcane River Droplet Stone
    • Easy Lucid (average of 1-3 per run depending on drop rate multiplier)
  • Butterfly Droplet Stone (drops are shared between the party)
    • Normal Lucid (1 per run)
    • Hard Lucid (2 per run)
  • Stone Origin Droplet
    • Easy Will (up to 4 per run depending on drop rate multiplier)
  • Stone Cobweb Droplet (drops are shared between the party)
    • Normal Will (1 per run)
    • Hard Will (2 per run)
(NOTE: Hard Lotus has Absolab Coins as a direct drop)
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  • CC - Change Channels
  • KS - Kill Steal(ing)
  • C/O - Current Offer
  • A/W - Auto Win
  • S/B - Starting Bid
  • P/C - Price Check
  • WTB/WTS - Want To Buy / Want To Sell
  • SVC - Service
  • CM - Community Marshal / Cannon Master
  • GM - Game Master / Guild Master
  • HGM - Head Game Master
  • KMS - Korea MapleStory
  • GMS - Global MapleStory
  • NPC - Non-Player Character

  • AP - Ability Points
  • SP - Skill Points
  • IA - Inner Ability
  • ARC/AF - Arcane Force
  • DPM - Damage Per Minute

  • NX - Nexon Cash
  • VP - Vote Points
  • RP - Reward Points
  • DP/AP - Donation Points / Aries Points
  • RCUBE - Red Cube
  • BPOT - Bonus Potential
  • VCUBE - Violet Cube
  • MCHAOS - Miraculous Chaos Scroll
  • COG - Chaos Scroll of Goodness
  • AEES - Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
  • FL - Fast Learner
  • AGS - Advanced Gollux Scroll
  • BGS - Basic Gollux Scroll
  • SS - Shield Scroll / Super Scroll
  • SW - Shielding Ward
  • SSW - Superior Shielding Ward
  • SSB - Surprise Style Box(es)
  • SBC - Special Beauty Coupon
  • PSOK - Platinum Scissors of Karma
  • PVAC - Pet Vacuum
  • SMEGA - Super Megaphone
  • BF - Balanced Fury (Throwing Stars)
  • NODE - Nodestone

  • MP - Monster Park
  • MPE - Monster Park Extreme
  • MPC - Monster Park Coins
  • LHC/LKC - Lionheart Castle / Lion King's Castle
  • DIPQ - Dimensional Invade Party Quest
  • MP3 - Mysterious Path 3
  • ABC - Alien Base Corridor
  • EFES - Elite Forsaken Excavation Site
  • EAPPLE - Elite Apples (Dealie-Bobber's Forest)
  • CRA - Chaos Root Abyss
  • HMAG - Hard Magnus
  • ECZAK - Elite Chaos Zakum
  • NCHUCHU - Chu Chu PQ (Normal Mode)
  • HCHUCHU - Chu Chu PQ (Hard Mode)
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