[Forum Game] Count to 100


Jul 5, 2019
I saw a previous post from a long time ago where kinky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) posted a Forum Game where the objective was to reach 100. I thought it was a really cool idea but as a new member I never really had the chance to participate and found it really unfortunate. :(
So I want to see if we can revisit the game and get to 100 again! (with me included)

Rules are the same as before:

Players are required to post up to 100 before a Staff resets it (no idea how I'll be able to personally unwatch the thread)
Repeats are fine since someone may post the same number before you even refresh the page to see it!
Players are allowed to post again after 3 posts by OTHER PEOPLE
  1. (You)
  2. (Person 1)
  3. (Person 2)
  4. (Person 3)
  5. (You again)
And of course, I'll start with.. 1!