Feeling demotivated because of botters/hackers?


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May 20, 2020
South America
Like, the rates of everything keep raising up, to the point that even thinking about farming any of the "common" things feels like you are competing with botters and hackers rates rather than other players rates.

Takes quite a bit to farm 510 nodestones / 6b mesos / 5m nx / 36 mp boxes for 1k DP. The fact that they can keep farming 24/7 and the only thing stopping them is how long they can stay connected to the server or if a regular player goes out of their way to gather screenshots/videos to report (and it has to go thru a manual review too) seems like a very lost battle.

Game is good, server is good, sense of progress with every few thousands stats is great, but i can't help feeling like its "not worth my time" to compete with bot/hack rates on common farming methods like nx,meso,mp and i'm not strong enough to do the other methods like hard bosses and selling leech.


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Jan 10, 2020
don't think too hard.
just stick to your farm, make what you can.
report by screenshot/video of bot/hackers whenever you can.

we just have to accept the fact that bots will always come back, and best we can do is plug one at a time.
VPN is savior for some players and also loophole for others as well.
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Jun 4, 2020
I feel you. Sadly nothing will be done. People will keep donating and buying nodestones and bcubes from botters at lower prices.


Nov 26, 2019
There will always be losers in these cases, unfortunately.

On one hand, the more botters, the more difficult for legitimate players to farm for funds. Buyers, though, will be pretty happy with the value of their money.

On the other hand, like when botters got purged a few months ago, there becomes "too little" supply of consumables (e.g. 420:1 nodestones, <30:1 MP boxes, 7:1 bpot cubes), and buyers are unhappy.

The only thing I can give you is you can't change the economy as a legit player, and you just have to ride out the changes.


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Apr 18, 2019
It's so easy to spot botters/hackers in common maps.
Elite channel roids are always occupied with thunder breakers going left and right, so obvious botting when they just continuously attack when they hit the wall.
There are the other maps in magatia, the place with homunculus with lots of angelic buster botters.
Coral 1-3 vacuum mob hackers, and other place in morass.
Ulu city angelic busters.
Monster park teleporting hackers botting MP
Recently found out there are some angelic buster botters in mulung as well, no one goes there ever so they rarely get caught. I just stumbled upon them when I was hyper rocking around.

The community need to come together and report them.