Far from new, more just new to forums.

Jun 30, 2019
I actually started probably a week or two ago, I don't fully recall (since I started a handful of games around the same time). Anyways, I'm The Storyweaver, probably a bit more well known as KazHimura (Zero), Scuffles (PinkBean) NoJobNoProb (Permanent Beginner), or TheFuzzyOne (Beast Tamer).

I play a lot of MMOs in my spare time, as well as roleplay within one of them. In addition, I also have a Maple Music Video series/project in the works, and use MikuMikuDance to make 3D models of characters (Mostly versions of my OC). I don't really stream on Twitch, but intend to in the future, and like to watch a lot of different games on there (as well as on Youtube-and in Youtube's case, one person's Vlog).

I already find it fun here, during the times I'm on, and I hope to see some of you guys in-game!


Jul 5, 2019
I'm a little bit late to respond, but welcome back to AriesMS!

I'm pretty new myself, and I find that I'm constantly harassing people on the Discord (but they put up with me so it's fine). My IGN is Poena! I'm also definitely looking forward to seeing you in-game as well. ((To be honest, Scuffles is such a legit name for a Pink Bean. When they get removed, that should totally be the new name of your main in the future. In fact, you totally should.))