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Jan 17, 2020
The Netherlands
Last updated: 5nd of July
Discord Excy#0950 or Excy in game. (EU & NA Timezone)
Discord Zai #5114 or Axte in game (SG Timezone)

Level 208/210-220
Price: 550 donator points (or 70dp per level if not in package)
Time: 25 minutes

Level 220-230
Price: 1050 donator points (or 120dp per level if not in package)
Time: 60 minutes

Level 230-235
Price: 1150 donator points (or 300dp per level if not in package)
Time: 50 minutes - 65 minutes
Disclaimer: 45 minutes here is normal speed without deaths, unfortunately the map is a bit buggy right now causing mob vacs to kill on the platform.

Hourly / level 235+ leech
Price: 1200 donator points per hour

Full package
Total package includes: Leech from 200/208 till level 250
Price: 10.000 Donator points
Estimated time: ~10 hours
Sidenote full package: Full package is based on continuous usage of a 2x exp coupon & buff (+ link & legion skills). A total of 24 MVP's will be provided by the seller. If all 24 are used up, buyer has to ensure he or she has back-up mvps to use.

Interested? Click on the spoiler below to see some basic information when making use of the service. All maps will be 1-hit cleared, which gives a great mapclear and speed :)

Based times and prices are calculated with 2x exp coupon and 2x exp buff (5vp from voteshop). If you're using a FL instead, a extra rate of 100dp will be added.

Q: What exp multipliers, items and requirements are there?
A: 2x exp coupon, 2x exp buff (5vote points), Mercedes & Evan level 2/3 link skill and a buff freezer. If a fast learner will be used, buyer is to provide an extra MVP or to pay 70dp extra. Buyer is also required to be attendant of his/her character in case of the Anti-AFK mob killing the buyer. Taking runes when possible is also required except for the hourly leech payment, where it is optional.

Q: What exp multipliers do you provide?
A: Under normal circumstances I will provide kish (as I am a kanna) and Holy Symbol. A pink bean will be added when available.

Q: What are the payment requirements?
A: The buyer pays either 100% upfront, or 50% upfront and 50%

Q: Are the leeching times accurate?
A: The leeching times are accurate due to previous leeching experience. If all requirements are met with buyer's exp rate and the server is not currently unstable/my connection is currently unstable. The buyer will get a 20% refund of his paid price after his leech if the leeching time extends by 20% or more.

Q: Are there any discounts?
A: Yes, the following discounts are applicable:
- Package deal with 2 or more packages: 5% discount
- Bringing your own mvp's: 50dp discount per brought mvp needed for leeching.

Q: Can I leech together with a friend at the same time?
A: Yes, the following discounts are appicable:
- only 1 leveling package: 15% off the total price for two
- 2 or more leveling packages : 25% off the total price for two
NOTE: Both leechers have to start and end at the same time. Total leeching time will obviously be longer, but not twice as long due to two leechers.

Q: Can I pay with mesos?
A: Yes, The current rate at this moment is 1:6 + 5% tax paid by buyer of service.

Please note that prior booked leeching services will always hold priority over last minute leeching requests.
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