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Oct 11, 2018
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IGN: whatsuphomie

HELLO! Welcome to my art shop, below are some of my personal favorite commissions that I have finished so far
and some other unrelated fanart I drew in the past.

I have some more examples and I can do a couple of different styles, so if you do want me to make you something please be specific!
I tend to spend A LOT of time on my art, so keep in mind it takes some time and I'd prefer it to be just one character, maybe two. (FOR NOW)

Half-body (with a simple background): 5 B
Full-body (with a simple background): 6.5 B
Chibi (with a simple background): 3 B
Prices above are for ONE character, each additional characters are +1 B
If you want something specific with a detailed background like the third example, please PM me on discord it all depends if I have the time for it.

Style (Chibi / Anime / Semi-Realism): You can also refer to my examples / finished works
Specific details:
Or just pm me on Discord!

No more than one art per person please! (Unless there's no one in queue)
If you have any specific details you want to add to the picture LET ME KNOW. The price may change depending on what you're looking for.
1. Natalie
2. Melissa

Mel , #2
2. Dearest
3. John
4. Bjergcent
5. Vivi
6. Forgot
7. Julie
8. Satsuree
9. Natalie
10. Snoppy
11. Joann

*When you purchase my art, it is drawn for YOU! You can do whatever you want with it, but do NOT say you drew it and please give credit!*​
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