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AriesMS Compiled Bugs Thread

I was given the clear to recreate a compiled bugs list since the old one was outdated and has since been deleted. Please refrain from posting any new bugs in this thread directly. If a bug has been fixed before my last thread update and I failed to note it here, please DM me on the forums. Also feel free to DM me if I have gotten any bug incorrect, however do NOT contact me about any new bugs, any DMs I get about a new bug will not be added to this list and will be ignored until reported appropriately. Report those as normal following the appropriate format and I will add them when I get to them.

If I skip over any bug reports, it may be that there is no real issue, the issue is player sided, the issue has since been fixed since the report, or that I would like verification that the bug is still valid as the report may be too old. If a class has no current bug listings, that does not necessarily mean there are no bugs with the class. It simply means I am not aware of any bugs with the class and/or no one has reported any bugs for the class. Once again, if you find any bugs with a class/feature, please report accordingly.

If you are experiencing an issue, please first make sure your issue is NOT on this list and that a Full Shutdown/Restart of your computer does not resolve the issue before reporting. (This is mentioned here since "Rope Lift Bugs" and various other related issues are commonly reported yet for some reason people fail to search for the fix in formerly made reports)

Most bugs listed here come from bug report posts or commonly known bugs. Links to the original threads will be provided if possible.

Reminder: I am not a member of staff, I do not have the ability to "fix" anything. I am merely compiling all the bugs together so it is easier for players and staff to see what is broken and needs to be fixed.

Note: Quest/Drop/Portal related bugs will not be handled here, please take those to this thread.

Dark Knight
Night Lord
Dual Blade​
Dawn Warrior
Blaze Wizard
Wind Archer
Night Walker
Thunder Breaker​
Battle mage
Wild Hunter
Demon Slayer
Demon Avenger​
Angelic Buster​
Beast Tamer
Pink Bean​


  • Buffs can prevent Hekaton Warp
  • Dying in Bosses causes the player to lose EXP
  • Some of Zakum's OHKO attacks are not telegraphed
  • Bosses that Teleport instead become invisible and invulnerable for up to 10 seconds while they move instead
  • Ursus does not give Stiff leather
  • Ursus' Sand status is not interact-able
  • Petrify Attack performed by Ursus does not grant players enough time and kills them before the bar is full. This also occurs for Damien, F20 Oz boss, and a Princess No Miniboss.
  • Ursus Medals cannot be claimed
  • Ursus does not "eat" people during his Rush attack
  • Monster Collection Medals are not claimable
  • Perm Alchemy recipes expire after 1 use despite being the permanently learned variant
  • Entering and exiting a mystic gate can force spawn map bosses
  • Tower of Oz's timer keeps ticking even if the timer does not visually change while on a rest floor
  • Mysterious Veins, Mysterious Herbs, Gold Flowers, and Heartstones are not dropping anything
  • Damien's Dash Attack will sometimes animate him dashing toward the other direction instead
  • Damien Altar cleanses only 1 mark at a time but also persists on the map forever instead of vanishing and reappearing occasionally
  • Damien's Fireball attack angle is too wide
  • Damien's Flying Sword does not track the player
  • Damien will generate multiple sword fields without any attack indicator when fighting him with a party of 2 or more
  • Hard Damien's Phase 2 has far too little HP
  • Damien Spawns a pair of swords for every player instead of just once
  • Zakum Arm attacks, Lucid Bomb and Lotus P3 Purple Balls currently bypass all guards and invulnerability skills
  • Bomb type attacks that attach a timer above the players head will not detonate immediately when it hits 0
  • Lotus' Phase 3 Purple Ball attack is invisible/desynched if there is more than 1 person in the party fighting him
  • Sometimes V-matrix image for boost nodes will be of only the main skill of the boost node
  • Boost nodes will sometimes not calculate and add correctly. To fix, unequip all nodes, reset matrix points, then reequip nodes and redistribute points.
  • Clearing F40 in Oz with another player will cause one player to be unable to progress
  • Animal Crystal Ball Chair's unique effect to allow others to sit on it even if they do not own the chair does not work
  • It is still possible to roll more than 1 legendary line despite only the 1st line being the only possible legendary line on Inner Ability
  • Dying in Elite Chaos Zakum can sometimes cause the player to respawn outside the boss map even if there are death counts remaining
  • Dying in Elite Chaos Zakum will sometimes not reduce death count number
  • Gollux Keys bought from the NPC shop do not count for gollux entry
  • Occult Scroll for Armor for Attack does not work
  • Some classes are unable to equip fishing rods in order to use the custom Fishing mechanic
  • Chaos Vellum sometimes never reappears after the player dies
  • HP Recovery Items and Skills +x% potential does not work
  • F43 Quiz will break if the player answers the first question incorrectly
  • Damage Reflect instantly kills the player if they trigger it instead of dealing a set amount of damage to them

  • Some 5th job skills are not being saved (Classes include but are not limited to: Blaster, Demon Slayer, Hero, etc)
  • Some players will randomly lose all mounts and the soaring skill
  • Some Classes experience a random drop in HP/MP for no apparent reason
  • Buff Duration affects the duration of some summons
  • Spirit of Freedom link skill does not work properly
  • Mana Overload drains too much MP
  • Venom Burst's active attack does not work
  • Overdrive's debuff sometimes persists longer than it should

  • Viral Slime is disabled due to causing errors in the past.
  • It is possible to have 2 Bird-type summons out at the same time if the player dyes while Fury of the Wild is out
  • Bowmaster's Adv Final Attack does not proc properly if Magic Arrows are being used
  • Enchanted Quiver's effect to increase amount per arrow type does not work
  • Shadow Veil does not maintain Dark Sight on some boss maps
  • Meso Explosion triggered before entering Dark Sight will break Dark Sight upon damaging a mob
  • Mirrored Target does not keep boss aggro
  • Trickblade Invincibility is being applied too late
  • Pirate's Flag currently works as a buff instead of as an Aura like Benediction
  • Whaler's Potion gives less than 15% max hp
  • All Aboard crew members do not block statuses
  • ICBM fails to leave Scorched Earth if it does not hit a mob

  • Wild Hunter's Feline Berserk visual cannot be toggled off
  • Pinpoint Salvo's range is too small
  • Orbital Cataclysm's invincibility starts too late

  • Sylvidia's Flight does not grant % attack
  • Ishtar’s Ring does not extend Ignis Roar Stack duration

  • The hyper skill Dark Metamorphosis - Enhance does not let the Demon Slayer bypass Weapon Cancel/Damage reflect. It will however prevent the player from taking damage from Damage Reflect
  • Defender of Demon will not trigger Mastema's Mark for the entire skill duration unless the first cast it performs is Mastema's Mark
  • Leech Aura does not heal party members when it should
  • Spirit of Rage's disappearance attack does not deal actual damage
  • Nether Shield duration is too short

  • Haku Reborn is not being applied to party members

  • Ultimate- Deep Impact does not remove all buffs on mobs hit
  • Kitty Treats in Cat Mode does not add HP/MP
  • Purr Powered in Cat Mode does not recover HP per second
  • Players are unable to close the Skill Window if they have it open when they hit level 100 and 150
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Jul 26, 2018
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For the Cygnus: Dawn Warrior section, equinox causes the game to "stutter" a lot and freezes keys when bossing. I'm unsure the extent of bosses which this affects but, at least in pink bean and horntail, if I use equinox, my keys freeze until I do @ea and even if I use @ea, only 1 form is used in attacking.


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For the Cygnus: Dawn Warrior section, equinox causes the game to "stutter" a lot and freezes keys when bossing. I'm unsure the extent of bosses which this affects but, at least in pink bean and horntail, if I use equinox, my keys freeze until I do @ea and even if I use @ea, only 1 form is used in attacking.
As stated in the main thread: "Please refrain from posting any new bugs in this thread directly."


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Sep 19, 2018
Hi nw bugged hyper spell dominion makes my screen lag even with lowest effects and background turned off and shadowspear makes it lagg soo hard to farm with nw since i get big FPS lags whole the time when using shadowspear and dominion and i got good computer with 8gb ram and good graphics card!