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Aug 12, 2018

Bushii International
Founder : MomoSenpai

I believe that as long as you're a gamer and you enjoy playing game, you can be part of our community & family :) Bushii is a newly created guild looking to recruit more player, especially those who are really into Maple Story, if you need a home, you need friends, join us!

Why do you choose Bushii over other guild?
- Because we have proper guild ranking system with benefit and rewards. Other than a good system, we also have guild event that we give out DP | Item | Mesos. The more you play the more you get. We have friendly community it is fun to play with :) We encourage player to join more voice comms! You get to know more people, learn about how to socialize which is useful not only in the game but in real life as well.

What is guild ranking system?
- Guild ranking system are based on how much contribution you have, based on that we promote and assign each player a specific rank, when you get promoted from one rank to another higher rank you get reward! Also the higher your ranking, your promotion the better the reward, you also get permanent reward from Guild Master if you reach a certain rank / position in the guild :) Further details you can check on our discord channel when ya join the guild.

What are the requirements?
- There's a minimum requirement of LEVEL200 above to join the guild.
- Age of 21 above, we only wan mature player.
- There's no language restriction, you can be speaking English / Mandarin or any other language we respect that.
- Basic understanding of the game are required, we can teach you the advance stuff.

Who to contact if I wish to join the guild?
- You can contact us on discord / in-game
Discord : MomoSenpai#1300 | Asher(Odanobunaga)#0944
IGN : MomoSenpai | MomoNiChan | Dotard | 1Dot

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