Best-in-Slot (BiS) Gear Setup for AriesMS


Jul 19, 2018
Fairy Land
Often, many people ask what is the best equipment for each slot in AriesMS, so here is a "detailed" guide on what you should spend your life farming towards. It is important to note that in AriesMS, we currently do NOT have Armor Flames or many of the overpowered items you can find in GMS through Marvel Machine, such as the Breath of Divinity Ring.

If you need a scrolling guide, you can find one posted by @Spyro by clicking on the link below:

Link to a Google Docs with more information about AriesMS' BiS equipment, as well as comparisons between Tyrant and Arcane Umbra gear:

  • Weapon: Arcane Umbra Weapon
  • Secondary: Level 100 Secondary // Timeless Prelude // Ruined Forced Shield // Arcane Umbra Katara or Fan
  • Hat: Chaos Root Abyss Hat (Arcane Umbra Hat once Will is released in AriesMS)
  • Top: Chaos Root Abyss Top
  • Bottom: Chaos Root Abyss Pants
  • Face Accessory: Sweetwater Tattoo
  • Eye Accessory: Sweetwater Monocle
  • Cape: Arcane Umbra Cape (Must be 21* or higher) or else 15* Tyrant Cloak
  • Shoes: Arcane Umbra Shoes (Must be 21* or higher) or else 15* Tyrant Shoes
  • Belt: Superior Gollux Belt (Must be 22* or higher) or else 15* Tyrant Belt
  • Gloves: Arcane Umbra Gloves (Must be 21* or higher) or else 15* Tyrant Gloves
  • Shoulder: AbsoLab Shoulder (Arcane Umbra Shoulder once Will is released in AriesMS)
  • Ring #1: Superior Gollux Ring
  • Ring #2: Reinforced Gollux Ring
  • Ring #3: Solid Gollux Ring
  • Ring #4: Meister Ring
  • Pendant #1: Superior Engraved Gollux Pendant
  • Pendant #2: Superior Engraved Gollux Pendant
  • Earrings: Superior Gollux Earrings
  • Badge: Ghost Ship Exorcist
  • Android: Fantastical or Halloweenroid (All Androids can equip all Hearts on AriesMS)
  • Heart: Outlaw Heart
  • Emblem: Crystal Maple Leaf Emblem
  • Medal: Nova Pride
  • Pocket: Pink Holy Cup // Inverse Codex (if you attend Hekaton)
As for Totems, technically, the BiS for AriesMS are the ones found from the Yu Garden questline. However, you must farm them every THREE days since they expire. Due to this, a huge majority of end-game players use the Sengoku ones obtained during the Red-Leaf High event.
  • Totem #1: Uesugi Kenshin Totem
  • Totem #2: Sanada Yukimura Totem
  • Totem #3: Honda Tadakatsu Totem
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Jul 19, 2018
Fairy Land
is there a chart for 25 stars for abso? since arcane is endgame, ppl still need to progress through the lower tier gears yet @[email protected]
I've updated the Google Docs Link with Tyrants VS AbsoLab gear comparisons.

TL;DR If you already have decent 12* Tyrant gears, it’s not worth spending $$ to simply break-even achieving 21* AbsoLab gears (this may depend on how the AriesMS Staff Team decides on how to handle Sapphire Boxes post 15*). If you already have 15* Tyrants, do not go AbsoLab gear AT ALL.
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Jul 19, 2018
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Was't Scarlet Ring better than Solid Gollux Ring?
Perhaps you can gain a little something from scarlet being a lucky item, but I imagine that Solid is BiS for its higher base stats, has 1 more slot, and has scrolls to go with it. I don't see a problem if you have a well scrolled scarlet ring, since they both go up to 20 stars.

Edit: Scarlet ring only fills the ring portion for set bonuses, so solid is the way to go.
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