Auction House Cash Item Search function broken.


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Aug 16, 2021
Cash items not showing up in Auction House Search Function.

Already the Auction house does not allow us to filter search for cash items while the search for 'all' function did provide some results. Now however i am unable to find any of my cash items which i'm listing, even in the search for all cash items using the first dropdown menu.

So when i search for all cash items none of my items listed appear in the results provided.
Though i can search for the items specifically by name if i type in the search bar.

In my opinion everyone's cash items should show up in the basic search for all cash items function (using only the first dropdown). I'm assuming this is the function that basically everyone uses when searching which cash items are on sale in the market at the moment. Also if i search any more specifcally using any of the dropdowns, no results are provided at all.

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