[Angelic Buster] Vanishing MP Video


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Dec 23, 2018
I was looking around YouTube to find the optimal way to complete a run but couldn’t find one for AB. So I came up with a consistent 40s method to complete. In my video I made a few mistakes so it wasn’t perfect but I still manage 40 seconds. My personal best is 38 seconds on a perfect run.
In order to complete MP anywhere near a good time you will need to have certain AB skills binded. Throughout my runs I use:
- Lovely Sting(2nd job), Pink Pummel(2nd job), Soul Seeker(3rd job), Celestial Roar(4th job), and Finale Ribbon (4th job), Erda Shower(5th job) quite often. You can also throw in 5th job skills for fun (very flashy) but they are not needed.