Adding Exclusions in Windows Defender Guide


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Oct 8, 2018
As title states, will be showing you guys step by step on how to ensure Aries.exe is NOT deleted from computer the moment you download it

- Access Windows Defender Settings
- Click into Virus And Threat Protection

- It'll open up a new window
- Scroll down to Virus & Threat protection settings

- Click on Manage Settings
- Switch off Real-time Protection

Next, scroll down more until you see Add or Remove Exclusions

Click on it
- Add your Downloads folder into exclusions
- Add your Nexon folder into exclusions
- Extract Aries.exe into the Nexon folder
- Delete from the downloads folder
- unlist Downloads folder from exclusions
- run Aries.exe as admin (right click, run as administrator)
- Switch on Real-Time protection
Welcome to Aries

Video guide on YouTube
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