Acknowledgement on Auction House Listings

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Jul 17, 2018
Dragon's Cave
Dear players,

We acknowledge the issue of the Auction House listings and regret to inform that any listing(s) that were not found in the Auction House can no longer be retrieved.

We understand that the losses are immeasurable and cannot be adequately compensated, but would like to offer the following:

  • 2x Vote Points extended until Sept 14, 2019 2359HRS, lasting a total of 2 weeks
  • 2x EXP & DROP for 2 weekends (from Sept 7 0000HRS to Sept 8 2359HRS and from Sept 14 0000HRS to Sept 15 2359HRS)
  • ALL Accounts with minimum 21 Character Slots and above will receive 2 complimentary Character Slots
    (NOTE: Any account(s) with less than 21 Character Slots will not receive this bonus)
Please note that the Character Slots will be issued at a later date and will be announced on Discord. A gentle reminder that server-wide 2x EXP affects every single player including players at Paragon Level 50 and above.

All stated times are in GMT +8, players from other regions may use this
website to convert to your respective timezones.

Once again, we would like to offer our sincere apology towards this matter and thank you for your kind understanding.

- Elluel Network Staff Team
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