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    Buying new school hoodie

    Hey I’m interested in purchasing new school hoodie if anyone has one please contact me on discord is WastedTalent#0238 both W & T is caps or in game hotgiri thank you
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    I recently purchase iron mace weapon for 150b but found new outfit I’m looking to trade my weapon for all about black top (AAB) will add if needed but my weapon worth about 30b more then top pm discord WastedTalent#0238 (W&T in cap) or in game hotgiri
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    i would offer 21b or 3k dp for snow bear scarf pm me discord WastedTalent#0238 both W & T are cap or ingame Hotgiri
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    Buying snow bear scarf / explorer polar hat

    Hey looking for the snow bear scarf looking to buy it for 15 b and explorer hat pm your price get me in game hotgiri or discord WastedTalent#0238
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    Old and Rare nx

    I’ll offer 100b on iron mace weapon discord me Wastedtalent#0238 will also a/w your cape E2
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    old nx item

    Ill a/w the magician ring set pm in game Networth or discord wastedtalent#0238
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    Cosmic | Active | Tight-knit | Friendly | Bossing | Global | Discord

    Name:Angel Age:22 Timezone:Eastern (EST) Tell us about yourself: I'm actually a amateur boxer living in Brooklyn N.Y, Currently taking some time off of school to work been a while since i've played any games MapleStory use to be my go to but reboot just wasn't working for me, Found my new love...