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    Sell STR, DEX, MATT

    Add me on discord to discuss ign : iBlankk Discord : peterson1994#4130
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    IGN : iBlankk Discord : peterson1994#4130 pm me on discord to offer or discuss SWM sold on 14 March 2020 Str GSE co 5.2k 1615693440 B
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    Selling 33/27 STR GSE

    IGN :iBlankk Discord : peterson1994#4130
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    Selling 36/27 Dex GSE (2mcs-ed +18 WA +3 dex)

    Selling 36/27 Dex GSE (2 mcs-ed 18 Wa +3dex), offer me IGN : iBlankk Discord : peterson1994#4130 1615257444 B 1615259423 B 1615264827 B
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    P/C on 36/27 Dex GSE (2mcs-ed +18 WA +3 dex)

    Any kind hearted soul can help me p/c this item pls ^^ 1615259478 B
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    Buying mid game kanna int item

    Buying fully dslotted haku and kanna fan. 30/33 & 27/30 int potted gollux ring (All 3) 30/33 & 27/30 int potted CRA set 30/33 & 27/30 int potted tyrant Leave your ign or discord below for Discussion
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    B> Arcane Fan

    Buying Arcane Fan, for both Kanna and Haku. Preferable potted and scrolled, leave your discord below
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    B> int gear for kanna (arcane fan and other eq)

    Hi, I am a new player with some amount of fund I would to put in this game, looking for reasonable priced / cheap mid to late game int % equipment. Please show your item and price here.
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    Buying Kanna (int) equipment

    Hi All, I am a new player looking for int equipment (any slot). My max budget is about 200m to 1.5k dp per slot Do show me your equipment here together with your offer.