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    A Simple Guide for Familiar System Hope this could clear misconceptions and help players with the familiar system
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    Adele aether refund mechanic / Storm bug

    IGN: xJean Job: Adele Job Level: 275 Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed): 1. Adele aether refund mechanic, when swords "disappear" either being used for storm or dying during fights, it...
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    ~Cherish~ : New guild | Friendly | Discord | SG/MY | Mains preferred | Progression | Fresh Blood welcomed~

    Introduction Cherish is a new guild founded with the purpose of building a family-like community, we welcome people who would like to help us build up the community we strive for, and also help out new players to get an idea of how to progress in AriesMS! Requirements Our requirements are...