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    Join TheAbyss~|Discord|Bossing|Friendly|PQ|Dailies|Chatting~

    Go to Guild tab in game. then search the name TheAbyss and hit apply ( or something) also try to see if a JR is online and Wispher him or her if they can accept you. Or Add MrB0s, and he will add you in guild when he and you are online
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    Join TheAbyss~|Discord|Bossing|Friendly|PQ|Dailies|Chatting~

    Growing guild, always helpfull and willing to help and teach others. Would recomend it highly. Mainly Bossing / leeching guild members. Potential to do lots of PQ's in future also! #1 member MrB0s keep a eye on him, hes a hunk :love:
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    Chaos pink bean Bug

    IGN: MrB0s Job: Adele Job Level: 235 Description of Bug (Explain the bug, How is it done, what should it really be doing? etc. An unclear description will not get the bug fixed): Screenshot (If Applicable): When i went inside of Chaos pink bean, it took small bites of HP , at first it looks...
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    Can't continue to second mission in Morass Questline (FIX IN THREAD)

    ive never been able to talk to the fish at Path to the coral forest 2
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    When DR hits by Aether swords you die

    according to the skill, Hunting decree in your 3rd Job advancement. it says that the swords are uneffected by attack reflection. it seems when the Boss does put his DR ( Damage reflection) up and the swords hit. You Die.