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    B +17 hoyoung fan

    discord Rudi#1093
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    discord: Rudi#1093
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    Trade my claw for a hoyoung fan The difference can pay with dp discord:Rudi#1093
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    S arc claw or T> hoyoung fan

    s/b 10k a/w 14k or trade for full scrolled hoyoung fan,diff can pay with dp dc:Rudi#1093
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    CLOSED ShadeRBQ Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name: ShadeRBQ Job of Character: Shade Ban Reason: This ID has been deleted or blocked. Please try a different ID Reason of Appeal:I was playing my lvl85 shade at magatia Lab. Thy System message told me i was baned cuz of hack.I guess the reason is shade 3rd job skills Spirit Frenzy...