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    Selling Early ~ Mid Game INT KANNA Cheap Sales! (CHEAPER PRICING!!!)

    ITEMS S/B (k) A/W (k) C/O Cra Hat 1 1.5 Cra Top 0.5 1 sold Cra Bottom 1 1.5 Tyrant Belt 2 3.5 Tyrant Boots 1 2.5 Tyrant Cape 1 2.5 sold Absolab Glove 1.5 2 Absolab Shoulder 1.5 2 Superior G Ring 16* 18/27 4 5.5 Reinforced G Ring 16* 21/27 3 4.5...
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    S> 16* Absolab Blade Lord (Dagger)

    S>pmo (a/w 2k) || S> Totem set 3.5k || Both for 5k !!! IGN: Quacky Discord ID: Bruce#9182
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    CLOSED Scam Leech Service (Disconnect at Level190)

    IGN of Accuser: Quacky IGN of Accused: BarryDA Offence(s) Committed: Scamming leeching service, disconnecting after I leech him till level 190 Reporting Evidence: Additional Comments: He wastes a lot of my time during the leaching process, and going afk a few times when I asked him to change...
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    S> SWM (DEX) & SWT (STR) to LUK

    Trading both to LUK Sweetwater Monocle 13* Scrolled (DEX) 27/20 Sweetwater Tattoo 12* Scolled (STR) 20/20 Discord IGN: Bruce#9182
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    S/T> STR to LUK

    Discord: Bruce#9182
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    B> early game luk cra set and scrolled abso katara

    Buying some 12* standard pot and bpot for luk cra set and scrolled abso katara
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    Damage not appearing after equipping new damage skin (White Heaven Sun Damage Skin)

    I just bought a new damage skin from the event coin shop and after equipping, my damage does not appear anymore when I hit the mobs. IGN: Dimsumm Job: Wind Archer Job Lvl: 213