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  1. Jibby

    S> Boof NX
  2. Jibby

    [SOLD] Lucid Butterfly Ring

    c/o 800m KannaIsToxic c/o 900m ThePathOP c/o 1b KannaFkin1 c/o 1.1b KannaIsToxic c/o 3b Dorkic c/o 4b TearTea a/w Hemafuri a/w 7b Auction will end by Friday August 30 8pm PST!
  3. Jibby

    ⟐L O F I ー宇代移, A Thread ⟐

    Hey all! My name is Gabe and I LOVE to listen and produce LoFi beats/music when I am training, bossing or relaxing in my spare time. Lets start a thread and post our favorite LoFi tracks, samples, beats, playlists or works in here in hopes to spread our genre across to other people! So...