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    S>camellia sword

    a/w 10k pm BanditBob or leave a comment
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    S>+17 arc dagger for 13k

    pm BanditBob
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    S> leftover STR items

    tyrant glove a/w 4.5k SGR 27/27 str 1dslot a/w 4.8k
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    S> arc claw +17 arcane claw

    a/w 14k
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    Adele quitting sale 42k STR

    Fafnir Hat- a/w 1.2k Top- a/w 1k Bottom- a/w 1k Tyrants Cloak- a/w 1.5k Glove- a/w 5k Boots- a/w 2k Belt- a/w 2k Accessories Meister Ring- a/w 5k SoGR- a/w 4k RGR-...
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    CLOSED False bidding

    IGN of Accuser: JosephFinder, MasterBob IGN of Accused: Hrac Offence(s) Committed: False Bidding Reporting Evidence: (1) (2) Hrac constantly item megaphoned his arcane 2h sword with the message "c/o15k" Additional Comments: My friend "JosephFinder" from pictures whispering Hrac is unable...
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    c/o 16k a/w 28k feel free to leave an offer ! =)
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    S>27/27 int SGR clean

    pm josephfinder or leave a comment c/o 2k a/w 5k
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    S> +17 16* Arc Spear

    pm BanditBob or add me on discord Ian#7680
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    S>arcane claw and spear both +17 16*

    pm in game BanditBob if interested/ discord Ian#7680 1593783690 willing to trade for dagger as well
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    33k Luk clean NL quitting sale

    Fafnir set Top a/w 1.5k- Bottom a/w 1.5k- Hat a/w 1.5k- Sweetwater set Tattoo a/w 1k- Monocle a/w 1.5k- Tyrant set Cloak sold- Belt a/w 2k- Boots a/w 1.5k- Gloves sold- Gollux set...
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    T>33k luk clean NL to STR

    add me in game BanditBob
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    Price check on permanent shark petite mount Thanks!

    As the title says, if anyone knows what its worth or have sold/bought one please do let me know thanks!
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    S>+17 arc dagger

    a/w 16k
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    S>+17 17* Arc staff a/w 15k s/b 12.5k

    pm in game BanditBob
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    T>+17 17* arc staff for katara

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    S> ARC +17 staff 17* and other int items

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    S>+17 arc polearm or T>STAFF

    pm KingBob
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    Aran quitting sale STR % 35k STR

    feel free to leave an offer Rings: SOLD Arcane: Arcane weapon- SOLD Arcane Shoulder- A/w 7.5k Fafnir: SOLD Sweetwater: SOLD Gollux Pendant- SOLD Gollux Earrings- SOLD Tyrant: SOLD Emblem- A/w 1.5k GSE- A/w 1k Bossing Secondary- A/w 3k SLH- A/w 4k Feel free to leave an offer, add...
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