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    B>plain white cap

    discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign: Catss
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    S>4L dr gollux pendant

    8k str8 pendant
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    S>4% str neb

    c/o 8k a/w just pm me pls ign: Catss discord: Oreocrush#8749
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    S>str 4 % neb

    c/o 8k a/w 12k straight (lowered) ign: Catss discord: Oreocrush#8749
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    S> str 4% neb

    c/o 8k a/w 13k ign: Catss discord: Oreocrush#8749
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    S> str 4% neb

    c/o 8k a/w 15k feel free to pm me alternate straight price ign: Catss discord: Oreocrush#8749
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    S> str 4% neb

    a/w 15k ign: Catss discord: Oreocrush#8749
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    B>att att ied bpot crystal emblem

    discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign:Catss pm offer, mainpot can be junk
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    B> cheapest high chair

    discord:Oreocrush#8749 ign:Catss
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    S> 24/24 str AGSed SGP

    SGP c/o 1.6k a/w 3k discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign: Catss
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    Clearing some midgame str% accessories

    SGP ring scarlet ring c/o 500 a/w 2k sgp c/o 0 a/w 3k take both 4.5k clearing deal discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign: Catss
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    S> 24% bpot str ring cheap

    ringgg c/o 0 a/w 1.5k Discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign: Catss
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    S> str bpot sogr

    ringgg c/o 0 a/w 2.5k Discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign: Catss
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    S>early-mid game warrior gear

    discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign: Catss 24/18 17* btm btm c/o 1.3k by PastaGod a/w 2.5k up
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    S>mid game war top and btm

    discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign: Catss 30/18 16* top 24/18 17* btm top c/o 0 a/w 3k btm c/o 1.2k by iShift a/w 3k
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    S>24/27 WARRIOR tyrant boots 12*

    discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign: Catss boots 1594879433 up
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    S> multiple character 117-200/210 leech services

    Can do multiple characters, bring ur friend too! Kanna provided. Why 200 on mules? Its the most efficient way to build your legion for tons of extra stats! Why 210 on some characters? Some characters have important link skills that require a level of 210 for the highest link level! Estimated...
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    S> some chairs pmo and totem set

    discord: Oreocrush#8749 ign: Catss please do let me know if you are unable to find my discord, can leave an offer here! chairs
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    B>done adele weapon

    just need dslotted and potted discord: Oreocrush #8749