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    CLOSED mp botter?

    IGN of Accuser: KageOfFury IGN of Accused:KannaSibacha Offence(s) Committed: botting Reporting Evidence: Additional Comments: ive been watching her do 10 second runs for 20 mins, and teleporting instantly to door 3 after clearing. im not 100% if botting but ive...
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    Commerci Republic Quest Guide

    im i just stupid or is section 10 super hard to read? i wish it would just tell me what to do instead of having to read 3 paragraphs so its: First run: 2x Soap,1x Glasses, 1x Pepper Remaining runs: 4x Soap for a profit of 21 denaros profit a day
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    Botting At Aliens

    Ill leave it up to the moderators. To me it looks like he was botting, he admitted to it as well. I watched him for 30+ minutes and he does the same thing.
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    Botting At Aliens

    Yes he replies but in his reply he admitted to botting he than missed a whole row of mobs and continuosly buffed up in the same corner same pattern every time
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    Botting At Aliens

    IGN of Accuser: KageOfFury IGN of Accused: CokiePepsi Evidence: First video is a short one of him botting while I'm trying to get his attention (I heard it wasnt long enough). And the second one is him doing the same pattern only responding saying "wat" and when i asked him why he was...