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  1. JarJarStinks

    I am the leader of a cult following of individuals who want a better AriesMS. I am the one and...

    I am the leader of a cult following of individuals who want a better AriesMS. I am the one and only true double OG, snoop double OG, bring the mic for the MC 🐎
  2. JarJarStinks

    Aries is dying

    Server first of all needs a big revision.. - As I've suggested before, we need monster park to be nerfed to maybe 500m/hour for the newbs - Buff elite channel mobs stats A LOT and nerf NX gain from normal channels A LOT, make it so farming NX is viable only in elite channels, the lower enemy...
  3. JarJarStinks


    3rd store /// K6 //// 1.5k DP 1st store /// F7 //// 1.5k DP
  4. JarJarStinks

    AriesMS Downfall Part 2

    He never said this is the only variant of the original game that has these problems, why should he ? This community is about AriesMS, oh wait.. this is GMS like... That means by putting on the tag "GMS like" is like strapping a chain onto a healthy adult human leg with a heavy ball attached to...
  5. JarJarStinks

    B > of non cash items

    I want to purchase a Magnificent Damien Soul PM me your discord or reply here with your discord & leave a offer
  6. JarJarStinks

    AriesMS Downfall

    Dojo already have in this server, but no one farming dojo due to some item in Dojo shop is useless in nowday. Uh yeah ? My suggestions are to improve it ???? Look mean is make MP mob change to GMS version? MP mob hp is higher from old LHC in GMS, its not nice in this server, and its keep...
  7. JarJarStinks

    AriesMS Downfall

    School started so a lot of players are busy, not having time for the server... The auction house items being virtually wiped out of existence is good for the economy, and so it is good for the server. TBH i'd prefer a wipe. Who cares if anyone cries about it, its good for the server. Maybe one...
  8. JarJarStinks

    B> rare NX items

    Bump, Now LF> "Round Glasses" for 5k DP "Hearty Heart Antenna" for 1k DP
  9. JarJarStinks

    SBC Occular Mods

    It saddens me to say, but with 2500 SBC's now and stumbled upon none of these faces.. its sad because one of these faces I really like, Jax's Occular Mod.. I originally thought SBC had all faces & hairs randomized, why isn't it like that ? really sucks man..
  10. JarJarStinks

    SBC Occular Mods

    Has anyone managed to get any of these faces from SBC (surprise beauty coupon) ? I've spent so much resources to try to stumble upon one of the faces below, but I haven't even been able to. The reason I am showing all of these faces, even though I just want 1 of them, is because they're part of...
  11. JarJarStinks

    B> rare NX items

    here's what I'm looking for : Item name : Hearty Heart Antenna (NX) Category : Hat Paying : 1k DP Item name : Round Glasses (NX) Category : Eye Accessory Paying : 5k DP -- ///// EDIT, I purchased this for 3.2b Item name : Peach Blossom (NX) Category : Face Accessory Paying : 3.2b mesos --...