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    T> dex to luk

    IGN: Sagishi Discord ID (if any): #Robby8084 Item(s) you wish to trade: Remarks: Hi guys. I'm a BM looking to T> to preferably NL but I'll accept any Luk class and accept top ups/ I can top up if you got slightly stronger items. Without buffs or arcane I sit at 43.8k DEX. Feel free to PM me...
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    Bowmaster's Turret.

    Turret doesn't work 100%. If you hold it down, it doesn't hit mobs. If you place it and run away, it doesn't hit mobs. Nothing. Thank you!
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    R> Remnant! *"New"* *Friendly* *Discord* *Soon-to-be Amazing*

    Hi AriesMS! Remnant was originally a pro guild with a tight-knit group on and old server many years ago. We brought it here with many friends who joined AriesMS around the time it first came out. Unfortunately, many players slowly stopped playing or left, and the guild has been dead for a long...
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    B> Arcane Bow

    17+ or not, either way pm me price/screenshot of the bow. Or BL me in-game: Sekushi.
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    Question About Voting

    Hi there AriesMS, I recently got married, (IRL,) and wondered if there's any whitelist, or method to get approved to be able to vote on two different accounts in the same household because I'm going to try to get my wife to join and play with me. If not, that's okay, we'll have to just suffer on...