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    B>12*+ Tyrant Charon Boots

    Looking for a good pair of tyrant charon boots in the 8-12bil range. Preferably with good %dex potential and bonus potential. Leave a pm or message. IGN: WilfriedZaha and PauloDybala. Thanks :D
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    Unable to vote Daily

    Hello, I notice when I try to vote sometimes clicking the 'verification' button after doing the weird animal spiny thing does not work. Sometimes it works and registers my vote with no problem at all, but more of the time it does not. Is there a known solution to fix this so the button is able...
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    Unable to Talk to Belle For Training a Jaguar

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get any help as I am a new player and made my first character as a wild hunter. I noticed that I was unable to talk to Belle for the required quest of 'Training a Jaguar'. The quest appears, but whenever I click it, nothing happens. Wondering if anyone else has...