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    T>LUK% EQs to Pirate STR % ( Claw to Knuckle ) | MATK% Emblem to ATT%

    T>32.9K NL Equips To Pirate STR Bucc T>MATK% Emblem to ATT% _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ T> Noobish un-Bpotted Thief eq to Warrior Gear. ( Quote Me If...
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    B> 12* Tyrant glove (thief)

    IGN: Saintz Discord: #1830
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    S/T> MATK% Emblem

    Selling / Trading Emblem For ATK% Discord : #1830
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    Mage INT% EQ

    Hi !, Can Someone Help me P/c These EQ's How Much it's worth Please ? :) Thanks Alot !
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    T>Leftover INT EQs To LUK EQs

    Trading Mage Equipment To Thief Equipment ** Tyrant Glove Can be traded for a Tyrant Glove +4/12* Plus Top up Meso ** Discord : #1830